Self-Service Delivers Powerful Business Benefits

Consumers want to get things done at their convenience—dictating the "when, where and how" of communicating with organizations. They want the power of personalized, continuous, context-aware dialogues across all self-service messaging channels and interactions. Add Inbound Voice and Omnichannel Agent capabilities to keep the conversation going when customers move from self-service to live agent assistance.

Customer service automation and self-service solutions can help your enterprise:

  • Increase customer satisfaction. By delivering cohesive service across multiple channels, companies can both enhance their image and the overall customer experience—resulting in higher CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) ratings down the road
  • Lower customer service costs and increase first-contact resolution. Analysts estimate that IVR calls are one-tenth the cost of live agent phone calls. Automated messaging and SMS service can even further reduce cost. Smart prequalification and authentication can further reduce AHT (Average Handling Time) and increase FCR (First Contact Resolution)
  • Streamline business processes. Utilize outbound notifications to deliver actionable reminders that enable customers to perform transactions such as confirm a scheduled appointment or pay a past-due bill. Integrate with our available APIs to utilize voice biometrics and more to make processes like validation and verification even more seamless and secure
  • Increase customer retention and repeat business. For marketers, IVR and text channels offer a non-intrusive, inexpensive outbound channel for delivering relevant, customer-specific notifications and opt-in marketing campaigns including virtual coupons, loyalty rewards, new product and service announcements and more



Modern IVR Systems

A modern IVR experience enriched with caller intent prediction, context continuity, and artificially intelligent adaption to caller behavior provides a more “human” IVR experience your customers will love.


Digital Self-Service

From AI-powered interactive text response solutions such as Facebook Messenger or SMS chatbots, to mobile solutions fully integrated with the contact center—digital, self-service omnichannel experiences that leverage the latest generation of natural language understanding (NLU) technologies and smartphone capabilities.



Developer Resources

Analyze and Optimize Automated CX Performance

Aspect supports developers with full application lifecycle management resources, from creation and testing, to integration, deployment, and management and optimization. With our analytics offerings, choose from over 50 out-of-the-box reports or utilize your own custom reporting to understand performance on key business, operational and application performance indicators.

Explore our platforms and tools for developers, including:

  • Aspect® CXP, which makes it easy to design, implement, deploy, manage and analyze self-service applications across multiple communications channels like voice, mobile web and text (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, USSD). Design once, deploy everywhere!
  • Aspect® Prophecy, a natively SIP and a 100% standards-based VoiceXML and CCXML platform for IVR and telephony applications.
  • Evolution Developer Portal, Aspect’s cloud customer and developer portal for all things self-service. Use it to upload your VoiceXML or CCXML applications, provision phone numbers and get access to logging information and documentation resources.

Need a custom-developed self-service application for your organization? Contact our Professional Services team for a consultation.


See How Self-Service Can Benefit Any Industry

Watch the demos below to see examples from our Customer Experience Showcase. Aspect can help you with all of these use cases, and more.







Get the Capabilities You Need, Deployed the Way You Want

Aspect’s call center solutions can be deployed on-premises, hosted, or as a cloud contact center, offering your organization the flexibility to deploy applications within the environment that best suits your needs. This also allows you to plan to move to the cloud at your own pace, or continue to utilize the deployment that makes the most sense for your business. Aspect's cloud contact center platform, Aspect Via® allows your business to adopt applications modularly, adding capabilities to your call center at your own pace. Aspect® Unified IP® includes all contact center applications in a single, complete, ready-to-deploy contact center platform and solution. Aspect solutions also seamlessly integrate with third party applications, allowing data to flow freely across contact center and workforce optimization functions and the rest of the enterprise.


Aspect® Professional Services for Self-Service

Implement and Customize Your CX Automated Agent Solution

In today's Millennial-driven world, many more consumers prefer to help themselves whenever possible. The Aspect Professional Services consulting team has the years of professional experience and technical expertise necessary to develop and implement specialized applications that extend Aspect CX Automated Agent capabilities to meet your unique business needs.