Audio and Video Chat

Enhance your mobile apps and websites with real-time communication.

The Aspect® RTC Platform embraces the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) standard allowing businesses to directly embed audio-only or audio & video conversations and collaboration functionality within their website or mobile customer care apps. Contextual information on the customer’s journey can be shared with Aspect® Unified IP®or third-party contact center environment for seamless handover from self-service to agent-assisted service.

The RTC Platform enhances mobile apps and websites with real-time communication. Customers benefit from audio, video, co-browsing, on-screen drawing and much more without having to download additional software. The underlying technology leverages the latest high-definition audio and enables seamless transition from one interaction channel to another without repeating information courtesy of Aspect’s Experience Continuity concept. User profile data and session activity are captured, providing agents with historical and real-time context for each interaction.

Key features of the Aspect RTC Platform:

  • In-app and in-page live audio and video for more personal interactions between customers and agents at the touch of a button
  • Screen sharing, remote control, on-screen annotation and document push for augmented support
  • Seamless handover from self- to live service and escalation from chat to audio, video, co-browsing
  • Aspect Experience Continuity for context preservation
  • Conveniently priced for OpEx with subscription in cloud and on-premises options

Key benefits of the Aspect RTC Platform:

Cost Savings. Reduce PSTN (public switched telephone network) costs by processing incoming calls using Internet telephony and the SIP protocol.

Improved Customer Experience and Retention. Improve customer satisfaction by giving customers direct access to contact center agents at the point and place where it’s needed – avoiding the IVR and adding personalized experience with video.

Improved Agent Experience. Face to face contact with video and high-definition audio help improve contact center agent experience and customer perception.

Improved FCR, Lowered AHT Contacts will be 100% pre-qualified before getting routed to the appropriate agent, reducing average handling time and improving first contact resolution.

** Please note: The Aspect RTC Platform is now available under an early adopter program. Please fill in the demo request form on the right-hand side if you are interested in this program. **