The Aspect NLU Lab Mission

Natural Language Understanding, or NLU, is the technology behind conversational chatbots that make finding answers, staying informed and accomplishing everyday tasks effortless. The result isn’t simply a better customer experience, but the ability to improve peoples’ lives – from their finances to their health and safety to conveniences that free valuable time.

NLU removes the frustration of rigid automated interactions to transform the way companies and consumers engage. A well-designed chatbot will empower consumers, improve employee satisfaction and enable companies to affordably deliver exceptional service. The Aspect NLU Lab is dedicated to the advancement of these chatbot applications through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, experiences and success stories.

Powered By Our Team of Experts

For more than 45 years, Aspect has been helping companies provide better customer experiences. We not only understand the intricacies of creating successful chatbots, but the importance of making them work as part of the overall customer service strategy. We are proud to have some of the best talent in the industry, from linguistics to engineering, speech analytics, UI design and quality assurance experts. Our team is continuously learning, collaborating with clients and uncovering best practices to reimagine what’s possible through automation. The results are exciting, inspiring and downright cool. Learn more about us.

See Chatbots in Action

Aspect’s 2016 Customer Experience Index revealed that two-thirds of consumers feel good when they can handle a customer service issue without having to talk to a person. Chatbots not only enable self-service, but with the proper design can significantly reduce effort, and research clearly show that consumers like that. Explore our interactive demos to experience first-hand how chatbots that take advantage of NLU technology are transforming customer engagement. Watch videos and get application inspiration from our library of industry-specific use cases. See bots in action.


Whether you are seeking information on advanced topics or looking for tips to get started, our resource library offers a wealth of papers, tutorials and templates for novices and advanced users alike. The NLU team is dedicated to sharing knowledge, tips and lessons learned to help ensure your application is a success. Don’t miss our essential guide: 10 Steps to Chatbot Creation.


Wondering how similar customer service chatbots are to traditional IVR, what the difference between NLP and NLU is, what kind of skills you need to build a bot, or how to secure one? Check out our FAQ section for answers to these questions and many more.