Aspect Recording

Recording remains the foundational component of WFO.

- Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

Ensures Your History of Call and Screen Recordings is There Whenever You Need It.

Every time a customer reaches out to your contact centre and speaks with one of your agents, you have an opportunity to gain valuable insights that can improve your level of service. That means understanding what's really happening during thousands of interactions and ensuring that those interactions are of the highest possible quality.

By offering customer voice and screen recording features to capture those interactions (based on business rules that you define), Aspect Recording enables you to create a valuable repository from which to measure the quality of individual agents, extract insights across many agents and prepare audio/visual training material for highly effective coaching modules. Your agents will enjoy the system's modern, intuitive, highly graphical user interface, and will quickly learn how to address quality issues and then get back to productive work.

In today’s litigious society, your organisation is under the constant threat of large fines for violations of state and federal telecommunications laws, so you often want full-time recording to mitigate this risk. You also would like to be able to quickly retrieve call and screen recordings for data mining, speech analytics and for verifying individual agent behavior. That’s why we have Aspect Recording software, an essential component of the Aspect Workforce Optimization suite.

Key Aspect Recording features:

  • Modern, user-friendly interface for recording access
  • Full-time voice and screen recording
  • Compatible with most commonly used ADCs
  • SecureAgent pause/resume without intervention based on desktop events or real-time speech analytics triggers
  • Built-in 256 bit AES encryption to assist you with PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Easy access using time and date stamp or metadata e.g., customer account number or agent ID
  • Apply business rules to archive only those interactions relevant to compliance requirements, resulting in lower storage cost


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