The Aspect Consumer Experience Index

The Aspect Consumer Experience Index

How consumers are dictating the “new rules” in customer service

Once again, Aspect’s latest Consumer Experience Index uncovers eye-opening insights into the minds and attitudes of today’s consumer. While their acceptance of chatbots and AI continues to grow, the increased availability – and appetite – for self-service is changing how consumers define the customer experience. And as more Gen Z consumers come of wage-earning age, their digital-first behavior is sure to further accelerate a preference for non-voice interaction.

Download the Aspect Consumer Experience Index today and:

  • Learn which interactions are not even considered by most consumers to be “customer service”
  • Determine whether the saying “Happy Agents, Happy Customers” is verifiably true. (Spoiler alert: It is.)
  • Find out which age demographic leveraged its buying power the hardest to revolt against poor customer service
  • Discover the communications channels consumers feel most comfortable with for a seamless, personalized experience

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