About Aspect

At Aspect, we strive to deliver better outcomes for those on either side of the conversation. We work with companies who want to win, helping them serve and engage their customers in differentiated and optimal ways. We take into account the exact needs of all stakeholders, and offer solutions that go beyond meeting expectations.

Aspect understands that consumer engagement is the sole battleground for loyalty, where winners thrive and losers languish. The result is an intelligent, two-way automated conversation powered by Natural Language Understanding. That is the reason our approach makes engagement technologies that are fundamental and harmonious to the overall customer experience.

For 45 years Aspect solutions have been engaging consumers, empowering agents, improving quality, and lowering the cost of delivering remarkable experiences. Our cloud, private cloud and on-premises products are used by millions of agents every year – supporting billions of consumer interactions.

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Commercial Banks

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Telecom Providers

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Airline Carriers

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Healthcare Providers

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General Merchandisers

The Stories Thus Far

Our clients have spoken, in media and in case studies. Here are their stories showcased. Go through them to understand what they have to say about their association with us.

Aspect Achievements

With more than 700 worldwide patents or patents pending, Aspect has a long history of advancing consumer engagement technology and driving state-of-the-art thinking forward through ongoing innovation and R&D investment. We have spent almost 5 decades perfecting our expertise and the thousands of clients are testimony to our abilities to solve tough problems. Not one to rest on our achievements, our bent for innovation continues.



Our Clients

Aspect works closely with a wide range of industry leaders from various sectors. Some of the biggest names in the industry rely only on Aspect solutions.