Aspect Quality Monitoring & Management Software

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Comprehensive View of Agent Quality

Aspect quality monitoring software allows for a customer interaction to be evaluated by all parties including supervisor, agent, and customer.

  • Evaluate quality from the perspective of agent, supervisor, customer and automated analytics
  • Calibrate quality scores to ensure consistency and perceived fairness
  • Monitor agents’ audio and screen interactions in real time
  • Integrate performance management tools for balanced scorecards and full coaching workflows
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QA Calibration

QA Calibration

Calibration promotes a sense of fairness in the QA process by removing any perceived or actual bias and by ensuring consistency across evaluators.

  • View variance among evaluations at form and question level
  • Playback interactions from the variance page
  • Create multiple calibration events with email notifications
  • Export calibration results to Excel for further analysis

Automate the Quality Process with Speech Analytics

Speech analytics technology has seen major advances in just the past few years, becoming an absolute necessity for truly effective quality management software solution.

  • Sample 100% of calls rather than typical manual sampling of less than 1%
  • Create an objective baseline for calibration
  • Automatically categorise calls to keep tabs on what is happening in your business
  • Enable ad hoc search on interactions using keywords and phrases
  • Listen to recorded interactions directly within the Aspect evaluation interface
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A modern, intuitive, graphical user Interface that agents love!

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Created using the best UI practices from Apple, Google, and Microsoft and with agents in mind, Aspect Quality Management offers an amazingly easy-to-use interface.

  • A highly simplified, web-based graphical user interface 
  • Responsive web design supports all major browsers
  • Thoughtful screen design to make quality management and monitoring processes as simple as possible

“Working with Aspect has been great because we can rely on the solutions and when we have questions, the support team always responds to our inquiries in a timely manner.”

– Manager of New Channel Business Supporting Unit, Ping An Insurance (Group)

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What is Quality Management Software / Quality Monitoring Software?

Quality management software / quality monitoring software is a tool that allows contact center managers to monitor and measure the performance of individual agents using key performance indicators (KPIs) and to track the overall performance of the contact center in achieving its business objectives, which may include achievement of first-call resolution, post-call measures of customer satisfaction, lead generation, or other measures of performance.

Monitoring and managing quality on the individual agent level often starts with recording some percentage of agent calls, which can then be scored against each contact center’s key metrics. This can be used to optimize agent assignment for skills-based routing and to identify knowledge gaps that can be rectified with additional agent training. The use of dashboards can streamline data-driven quality management for contact center supervisors, making it easy to assess hold time, average call handling time, and measures of customer satisfaction, alongside custom reporting on specific business goals.