Aspect Performance Management

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Drive Performance Improvement Throughout the Organisation

In the Real-Time Contact Centre, Donna Fluss explains, “Performance management broadens the focus of the contact centre from strictly departmental goals to an enterprise-oriented set of objectives…and that’s really what it’s all about in the contact centre”.

The contact centre is a very complex organism. It is rife with data that can provide valuable information about the operation, but the data is located in disparate systems and there is no way to consolidate, correlate and display information relevant to each user’s role. That’s why you need Performance Management to:

  • Surface valuable insights using simple widgets and dashboard displays
  • At every level in the organisation, align individual goals with enterprise strategic priorities
  • Ensure focus on the metrics that will quickly drive change
  • Provide a “single source of truth” for data from throughout different systems in the contact centre

A Modern, Intuitive, Graphical User Interface that Everybody Loves!

Created with users in mind, Aspect® Performance Management offers an easy-to-use icon and widget-based user interface for managers, supervisors and agents.

  • A highly simplified, web-based graphical user interface
  • Responsive web design that supports all major browsers
  • Artful screen design to make information easy to understand
Workforce Mobile screens on Android, Apple and Windows Phones

Complex Data Analysis and Visualisation

Drill down into aggregated data to view performance management trends over time and gain valuable insights.

  • Set thresholds for agent performance to initiate automated alerts and coaching
  • Automate feedback to agents including understandable indicators of their performance
  • Utilise built-in, ready-to-use best practices KPIs available out-of-the-box
Workforce Mobile screens on Android, Apple and Windows Phones

“Since the advent of Aspect Performance Management, nearly every metric that we measure with our agents has improved.”

– Bill Sievers, SVP Customer Care, RCN

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What is Performance Management Software?

Performance Management is a type of contact centre software that collects, correlates and displays information relevant to each user’s role and responsibilities, whether they be agent, supervisor, business analyst or executive. This flexible tool can quickly reveal valuable new insights by enabling the tracking of personal and group performance vs. goal using a wide range of metrics with data sourced from many contact centre systems.

It systematically uses statistical data to automate, manage and drive the employee performance management process. The software helps set clear expectations for employees, provides employees with daily feedback on their performance against those expectations, rewards employees for performance through incentives and performance-related pay and creates and executes targeted development plans, all delivering sustained performance improvements for the organisation.

Since Performance Management usually derives its data from many sources within the contact centre, sometimes with overlapping fields of the same data, Performance Management is often regarded as a “single source of truth” since disparate systems may portray data in contradictory ways that make it impossible to compare against target KPIs.