Call Centre Analytics

“Speech analytics is an enterprise application that can identify important and useful findings about a company’s products, services, procedures, policies, customers, competitors, and more.”

 Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

It’s All About Data, Usually Big Data

In essence, analytics gives you the power to synthesise large amounts of data to extract valuable insights upon which you can act to achieve your objectives. The ability to summarise and synthesise large amounts digital data into useful form has been available for decades. However there have been many advancements in analytical tools to allow more efficient and effective investigation that get you to important insights from what appears to be unserviceably large and diverse data sets. In addition, new technology enables formerly unstructured data (such as voice) to be converted to a structured digital form that can become part of the valuable data embodying customer interactions in your contact centre.

Analytics in Many Forms

Your contact centre may embrace many channels of customer communication, or you may use only the tried and true voice channel to communicate with your customers. Whatever channels you are using, you want to be able to get valuable insights from these interactions, so you may need speech analytics, desktop analytics, text analytics, IVR analytics, web analytics and analytics that span channels such as Voice of the Customer. From your customer interactions, you can extract key information, insights and notifications that can radically improve customer satisfaction and enhance agent productivity and performance.

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