Aspect® Outbound Cloud, Powered by LiveVox™: Tools to Adapt to a Changing Regulatory Environment

Consumers are increasingly mobile. In fact, it’s estimated that 55% of households can only be contacted via a wireless device. Whether you need to send a reminder, deliver an important notification or collect a debt, doing so without explicit consent could result in big fines. Simply having a business relationship is not enough. 

A fully integrated and burstable core contact centre application set from a PCI-DSS, third-party certified Cloud platform.

Aspect Outbound Cloud offers fully integrated and burstable core contact centre applications such as ACD/PBX, Predictive Dialer, IVR, Call Recording and Business Analytics from a PCI-DSS, third-party certified Cloud platform and powerful WFM capability with Aspect Workforce Management.

The patented cloud-based solution is designed to help you manage compliance and align your strategies to evolving requirements, mitigating risks associated with various statutes and standards such as the FDCPA, TCPA and CFPB.

Key Features

Pure Cloud-Based Solution
Aspect Outbound Cloud boasts measurable, proven benefits to customers beyond expected reductions in operating expenses and CAPEX outlays, such as shrinking deployment timeframes up to 95% and increasing agent talk-time approximately 30%-50% over traditional hardware.

Optimised Cell Phone Dialing Configuration
This feature enables significantly increased agent productivity levels while also addressing compliance considerations.

Workforce Management Integration
Optional top rated Aspect Workforce Management ensures you're getting the best possible performance from your staff while giving them flexibility in their schedules. Find out more here.

Performance Management and Coaching Integration
Optional Aspect Performance Management and Coaching allow you to keep you agents’ KPIs aligned with your corporate KPIs. Find out more here.

Hardware/Software Separation
Hardware/Software separation enables agents to log into a softphone that mirrors manual dial functionality - a complete separation from the auto dialer and IVR environment.

Human Call Initiator (HCI)
The HCI capability, used by some of the world’s largest BPOs and financial institutions, is proven to help increase connect rates by over 5x over manual dialing as shown in case studies. It also enables full recording and key control settings (e.g. phone and account penetration settings).

Click-to-Call Manual Dial
Automatically detects cell phones and switches from predictive dialer to manual preview for agent initiated contact.

100% Call Recording
Obtaining 100% call recording is extremely costly and resource consuming. Aspect simplifies this by unifying all call, agent and account activity into a single, secure and dynamically retrievable database. Recording each consumer-agent interaction is crucial to an effective compliance initiative. 100% Call Recording is built into the Aspect Outbound Cloud.

PCI-Certified Infrastructure
Aspect offers Class-A, fully redundant data centres with third party PCI-certification and end-to-end PCI-compliant payment lines.

Our consent based routing and outbound compliance solutions have helped companies around the world increase productivity, raise customer satisfaction and improve profits from collections, service and sales efforts.

Related Compliance Features

  • PCI compliant; third-party audited infrastructure
  • End-to-end PCI compliant payment lines
  • Centralised call recording
  • Phone Lock for manual dials
  • Click-to-call manual dialing for cell phones
  • Over-dialing protection
  • State dialing configuration GUI
  • Manual dialing curfews
  • Time zone settings
  • Real-time agent monitoring & reporting
  • DNC (Do-Not-Call) option

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