Call Centre

Aspect’s Call Centre software helps deliver a seamless experience across every channel and every touchpoint without missing a beat whether in the cloud or on-premises. From mobile and IVR self-service to agent-assisted conversations. From inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS, chat and social. All while leveraging customer profiles and preferences to drive personalised interactions.

Give customers the help they need — whenever they want and however they choose. Build better relationships with more ways for them to interact. And with less hassle getting things done.

Cloud Contact Centre

Use the power of the cloud to effortlessly keep up to date with the latest customer engagement technologies that boost customer satisfaction while enjoying the advantages of first-class contact centre operational reliability and flexibility along with lower overall costs.

Experience Continuity

Preserve context and continuity when consumers move from self-service to live-service, switch between channels, or even when they switch between proactive outbound communication and inbound service inquiries.


Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Automate the entire inbound customer interaction – from self-service, to contact routing, to agent skill selection, to contact recording and post-inquiry surveys.

CRM Integration

Make the best use of an enterprise’s CRM data where it counts most – on the front lines of customer service.



Customers demand a broad range of ways to contact businesses including voice, email, web chat, IM, SMS and social channels – don’t fall short of their expectations.


Multi-channel – but better. Make sure consumers don’t have to repeat steps or information even as they journey across multiple channels looking for assistance.


Audio and Video Chat

With a push of the button, make possible audio-only or audio and video conversations between enterprise contact centres and customers on the Web or mobile apps.

Make it Social

Develop a holistic social strategy that includes digital marketing or customer care as an integrated part of consumer engagement strategies.


Toll-Free SMS

Give customers the convenience of using the same toll-free number to call – or text – your contact centre.

Auto Dialler

Use this comprehensive set of automated dialling options including preview, precision and predictive dialling as part of a multichannel contact strategy that includes proactive outreach to achieve greater agent efficiency, support regulatory compliance and improve customer satisfaction. A Customer Outreach solution.


Aspect® Zipwire® Cloud Contact Centre

Straight from the Aspect Cloud, Aspect Zipwire, brings omni-channel customer care, fully-featured agent and supervisor desktops and advanced reporting and recording capabilities, all backed by our world-class Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Aspect® Unified IP®

A proven, feature-rich customer engagement platform, delivered in a convenient cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution. Simplify omni-channel interactions with superior inbound routing, multi-session contact handling, compliant proactive outreach capabilities and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications.


Aspect® Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

Provide a consistent customer experience and two-way dialogues over self-service channels such as IVR, SMS and Mobile Web that provide seamless movement from one channel to the next all while preserving contextual consumer information. A self-service solution.

Aspect® Prophecy

Aspect Prophecy delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound IVR capabilities on premise or in the cloud. A self-service solution.


Aspect® RTC Platform

Aspect RTC Platform embraces the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) standard allowing businesses to directly embed audio-only or audio & video conversations and collaboration functionality within their website or mobile customer care apps.

Aspect® Hosted

Use the Aspect Hosted cloud solution to selectively adopt our market-leading multi-channel call centre, workforce optimisation and telephone services, adding functionality to your contact centre without significant upfront capital and IT investment.


Social Engagement

As customers increasingly turn to social networks for customer service, organisations can make unhappy consumers into customer advocates by turning social monologues into productive dialogues.


“With Zipwire we have a strong backbone to support our technical support team’s communications with customers. We have confidence in Zipwire to keep us running at all times,” said Dan Sweeney, Technical Support Manager at Melco Embroidery.

What is a Call Centre / Contact Centre?

Call centres, also referred to as contact centres, help organisations handle a large volume of calls and other inquiries related to customer service, debt recovery and sales efforts. Businesses use various call centre technologies to maximise productivity and customer experience. Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) are used to assign incoming calls and other inbound multichannel types such as email, web chat, Instant Message, SMS and social to an agent based on real-time statistics, agent skill requirements and a wide variety of other conditional criteria, while Predictive Diallers are used to generate outbound calls or send proactive notifications via email or SMS. Other call centre optimising tools include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM software), and specialised continuity software that enable a contact centre to preserve context across channels delivering a seamless omni-channel experience through multiple customer touch points – self-service and agent assisted.