“With Aspect, we have achieved a 12% year-over-year increase and improved agent performance: 77% of agents are in the middle to top tier of conversion percentage.” 

Tony Manna, Product Manager, Hayneedle 

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Rise to the Customer Management Challenge in Retail

Seamless experiences for increasingly savvy consumers

In the retail industry, timing is everything. From advertising seasonal promotions to assisting customers with their shopping needs, being there for your shoppers and serving them before they realise they need help is important. Today’s customers don’t just buy products in-store; they also use mobile and online shopping, sometimes within the physical store itself or in addition to in-store shopping (like using mobile coupons for a purchase). These customers demand that companies keep up with all the ways they shop and can be there when they need them, on the communication channels they choose. By investing in Aspect’s solutions, your organisation can become as tech-savvy as your consumers. Our contact centre software gives you the tools to connect with your customers wherever they are and whenever they choose to shop.

Benefits of Working with Aaspect

  • Enhance the customer experience by recognising customers on every channel and being ready to serve them at any time of day
  • Lower customer service costs by making it so easy for customers to self-serve that they won’t want to call
  • Increase revenue by being open for business 24/7 and by maximising opportunities for effective sales promotions


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