VoiceXML IVR Platform (Prophecy)

Improve Every Interaction with Your Customers

Built on the core principle of simplicity, Aspect Prophecy, the first application platform to support VoiceXML, is a powerful, 100% standards-based, industry-leading communications platform for speech, IVR, VRU and SIP VoIP applications. We believe that a voice application platform should be easy to install, manage, and develop upon – and should never suffer at the expense of encumbered business models and inflexible processes. Prophecy delivers everything from speech-driven self-service and outbound IVR to unified communications and innovative SIP applications, making it easy for companies to interact with customers in ways that improve service, drive sales, and lower costs.

  • Developed natively on Voice-over-IP (VoIP) protocols for seamless integration into next generation contact centers built on IP communications.
  • The first application platform to support VoiceXML, the first to support CCXML, the first to be natively based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the first to support HD audio and IPv6.

Stay in Control with Developer-Friendly Features

Aspect Prophecy addresses a wide range of developer skill sets and preferences so you can deploy better applications faster and make changes with ease. Write Prophecy applications directly in VoiceXML or CCXML; or use CXP Pro, the bundle of Aspect CXP and Prophecy, to benefit from rich features for the design, development, deployment, and reporting of IVR applications. With Prophecy Commander, see your application stats in real time, provision network resources on the fly, configure and manage multiple distributed systems, and more.

  • Fast, simple installation. Download Prophecy in minutes from www.voxeo.com/prophecy and try it free!
  • Fully SIP compliant and IMS ready with native SIP support that’s light years ahead of the competition. Prophecy’s clean, scalable SIP foundation brings together diverse applications and devices, eases access to enterprise data, and lowers the cost of transferring calls with direct IP to IP connectivity.
  • Full-featured, web services-based Provisioning API lets you fully automate operations and management.
  • Pair Aspect Prophecy with the Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP) to leverage a full suite of application lifecycle management tools for developing, testing, deploying, analysing and optimising applications. It’s all possible with Aspect CXP Pro

Choose Your Deployment Method

Aspect Prophecy is available in the Aspect Cloud, for implementation on your premises and for hybrid cloud deployments that leverage the strengths of both deployment models. Applications include DTMF and speech-driven IVR, intelligent call routing, IP-PBX solutions, IP call centre solutions, call recording, information retrieval, telephone surveys, order status, emergency notifications, virtual receptionists, conferencing solutions and voice verification.


Agent looking at computer screen

“Our premise Prophecy servers, which support several integrated IVR apps, have worked flawlessly for years and provide top notch functionality in a highly reliable environment with minimal maintenance needs.”

– David Turner, Sr. Software Engineer, Cincinnati Bell



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What is VoiceXML?

Most people are familiar with automated telephone services. These services allow users to retrieve information such as bank balances, flight schedules, and movie show times from any telephone. The explosive growth of the Internet and World Wide Web technologies has shifted the landscape for providers of traditional phone services to a new set of customers accessing information and services through the Web. While in most cases customers still access automated services through the phone, providers are finding it easier to build new services that exploit the power of Web technology.

VoiceXML provides the best of both worlds. Providers, by expressing automated voice services using a markup language like VoiceXML, can open up their new Web services to customers using voice interfaces, such as the telephone. Developers can build automated voice services using exactly the same technology they use to create visual Web sites, significantly reducing the cost of construction and delivery of new capabilities for the traditional phone customer.

Aspect’s VoiceXML IVR Platform, Aspect Prophecy, passes 100% of required and optional VoiceXML certification tests and is a VoiceXML Forum Certified Platform. Aspect Prophecy is also 100% CCXML compliant and supports traditional touch-tone IVR, speech recognition, CTI, call control and recording, conferencing, ISDN, SIP VoIP, and more.