In the modern day of customer engagement on the go, the needs and desires of all involved in your organisation differ dramatically, and as with developments in technology they can change very quickly. The challenge is understanding fast shifts in needs and requirements before it is too late. How do you unlock this intelligence through the various lenses of your customers, your colleagues and ultimately your company?

  • CUSTOMERS – How do you really understand what a customer is looking for, wants or needs?
  • COLLEAGUE – How can you monitor if they have the correct tools and support to deliver on their personal values and the company strategies?
  • COMPANY – How do you identify bottle necks in processes or even wasted cost which is driving unnecessary demand?

Engagement Analytics is the ability to learn and react rapidly, not only what is being discussed across all channels, but also HOW it’s being discussed.

Join us for a session that will share ideas and materials to help you:

  • Produce a business case for analytics in your environment
  • Help you identify where you will achieve a reasonable ROI
  • Hear success stories from adopters of this technology
  • Hear industry benchmarking to understand where your organisation sits against the industry curve
Colin Whelan

Colin Whelan

Principal Solutions Consultant, Aspect
Colin Whelan has been a part of the Customer Contact Industry for the last 25 years, leading and supporting the UK & Ireland communities as a thought leader in resource planning, Back Office Optimisation and Data, Analytics and Insight. Working for companies including Barclays Bank, First Choice Holidays and Barclaycard, before joining Aspect as a Principal Solutions Consultant was the Head of Professionalism for the Forum, where he was instrumental in the development of the world’s first accredited University qualifications for the customer contact industry, along with standards in reporting, targeting and the use of intelligence.

This career committed to developing and sharing best practice was recognised in April 2015 when the Forum Community gave Colin it’s “Industry Hero” award, “Over the past 7 years Colin has been a key figure within our community, committed to improving professionalism, making a huge contribution to the body of best practice in areas such as data analysis, back office planning and forecasting methodology. He embodies passion and enthusiasm for our profession.”
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Mark Lockyer

Mark Lockyer

Sales Director, CallMiner
Mark has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations develop enhanced Engagement strategies through the deployment of both Technology and Managed Services. As a Net Promoter Associate and with expertise in Engagement Analytics Mark brings both the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Contact centre together. Operationalising insight to all levels of employees on the front line and their superiors, all the way to CEO, is essential to Brand success and is core to Mark’s insightful delivery of the detail in seminars and industry events. Engagement Analytics is a fast moving industry and the application of various technologies is providing organisations with the opportunity to mature their engagement/analytics and transformation programs quicker than ever. Mark articulates how technology can assist in facilitating the future business needs of organisations by helping them understand the power of deriving empirical business related data from unstructured conversation and multichannel interactions.
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Thursday, 19th April 2018


12 - 14.15 GMT


Welcome and Registration




Introduction – Mark Lockyer, Sales Director, CallMiner and
Colin Whelan, Principal Solutions Consultant, Aspect


Benchmark of intelligence


Unspoken intelligence and unheard intent – viewed through three lenses

  • Customer Lens – Identify, design, deliver and track very focused colleague training to deliver on the needs of the customer (chat words vs voice words… different skills
  • Group discussion
  • Colleague Lens – Identifying the REAL engagement drivers and false demand that muddies our forecasts
  • Group discussion
  • Company Lens – Understanding QUICKLY if a strategy / promotion / activity is having the anticipated impact.
  • Group discussion


The Technology Partnership


Customer Case Study


Competition – dissatisfaction turning into happiness/empathy



*Demo and networking available after


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Speech Analytics eBook

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Reveal Hidden ROI

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