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In our mobile, on the go society, contact centre workers are used to conducting much of their personal business through smartphone applications, so why can’t they use a smartphone app to manage their contact centre schedules? With Aspect Workforce Mobile, they have all the tools they need to conduct the most common workforce administrative tasks, no matter where they are.

Aspect Workforce Mobile provides immediate access for your agents and managers to your Aspect® Workforce Management™ system directly from their mobile devices. Contact centre personnel can access critical information, send real-time notifications and access timely schedule updates at any time, from any location, directly from their device.

Key Capabilities

Mobile workforce management capabilities allow your system to produce the most accurate intraday schedules possible, decreasing your internal costs while increasing your managers’ productivity and agent’s workplace satisfaction.

On the Go Access

Provide on-the-go access for agent schedules and performance to give today’s digitally connected agents the flexibility they crave and the mobile experience they want.

Quick and Easy Schedule Changes

Allow agents to quickly and easily view/change schedules and perform other common workforce management administrative tasks either from desktop Web UI or mobile phone.

Integrated Security

Specialised mobile access for your staff and contact centre management is enabled through authenticated sign on.

Powerful Remote Management Tools

Empower your managers with remote management of schedule summaries, requests, and real-time notifications.

Flexible Automated Notification Channels

Send automated notifications to agents for schedule changes, request changes, trade changes via email, Web UI or mobile push.

Multiple Options for Notification Delivery

Deliver notifications for PTO and OT via SMS, Web UI, email, mobile push with optional Aspect Inform solution.

Agents & Managers Alike Love Aspect Workforce Mobile

Easy-to-use, convenient mobile workforce management features ensure your agents, team leads, and managers are highly engaged in their work while giving them the tools to achieve better work/life balance.

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Case Study

Asurion Finds Aspect Workforce Mobile Driving Better Agent Engagement and Lower Turnover

Proactive notifications and the ability to respond via mobile devices help each agent achieve a better work-life balance by understanding individual agent preferences, facilitating their mobile lifestyles, and saving them time. The result is better agent engagement, higher morale and lower turnover.
- Jon Malinowski, Senior Director Workforce Management, Asurion