How Can You Improve Call Centre Agent Scheduling Using Workforce Management Software?

When it comes to providing superior customer service in a contact centre setting, it all comes down to how you schedule your agents. Contact centre leaders must have adequate staffing to meet demand to ensure every agent has the time needed to resolve issues without rushing on to the next inquiry abruptly. Additionally, contact centre leaders must ensure they schedule agents with diverse backgrounds so that any customer can get quality support regardless of the issues they’re faced with or how they choose to reach out to your organisation.

It isn’t enough to simply fill every chair in your contact centre, though. Overstaffing can reduce productivity on a per-agent basis, negatively impacting your bottom line and causing administrative headaches.

Fortunately, there is call centre workforce management software available today that can help contact centre leaders find the perfect balance when scheduling agents. Here are some of the ways that workforce management software can improve employee scheduling.

Integrating WFM software into your contact centre will empower your agents to manage their own schedules. This includes managing time off, vacation, switching shifts with other employees and bidding for shifts as well. Giving agents the autonomy to manage their own schedules ensures that nothing falls through the cracks as the needs of employees change.

WFM software also provides contact centre leaders with real-time tracking and forecasting across channels, meaning that you can better predict how many agents you will need to schedule in advance. This enables the contact centre to boost productivity without generating unnecessary expenses.

Workforce management software can even help you prepare for the unexpected. Managers can use the software to play out “what-if” scenarios to see how a sudden disruption could impact agent performance. Managers can use this information to prepare emergency scheduling responses and flexibly pivot to maintain order and quality support even in the midst of a crisis.

Efficient scheduling is critical to the success of any contact centre. But you don’t have to make your manager figure out how to optimise their workforce alone. Learn how to provide your managers with the insights they need to ensure they have the right agents working exactly when they’re needed most. Contact us today using the form on this page.