The Aspect Software User Group Association (ASUGA) is a free organisation dedicated to enhancing the user experience through the exchange of information between members, as well as through partnerships with Aspect Software and its business partners.

ASUGA is an independent group of Aspect customers with the goal of helping each other further our knowledge of Aspect products and stay on top of current contact centre trends. We endeavour to:

  • Provide value-added services to ASUGA members and the entire Aspect user community
  • Create a forum where members may share successes, issues, and concerns not only among themselves, but with Aspect Software
  • Provide an environment for accurate and timely dissemination of information about Aspect Software and their Business Partners' products and services
  • Provide a channel for members to receive important information regarding changes in the industry
  • Influence the direction of the products and services offered by Aspect Software for the benefit of the user community

Member Benefits

There are many benefits of joining ASUGA, such as:

  • Full access to the online ASUGA member space, including an open forum where Aspect customers can share questions, thoughts, ideas and experiences. If you're having an issue you're trying to solve, chances are someone else has had the same issue!
  • A worldwide network of local user groups for online and in-person networking opportunities and exchange of ideas.
  • Access to sponsored webinars on topics of special interest to professionals who share many of the same challenges.

How to Join

Eligibility for membership is available to current, past, and future users of Aspect products and services. ASUGA's focus is on furthering the knowledge of our members, ASUGA is not a sales forum for member companies. We encourage every user of an Aspect Software product to join and get active in ASUGA. Become a Member

  • Get involved and share ideas
  • Meet other users and attend local events
  • Participate in the online community

GEM Award: Going the Extra Mile to Achieve Excellence

GEM Award

Every day brings new opportunities for employees to go above and beyond to resolve a customer's issue, help a teammate, solve a difficult challenge or find new ways to make your organisation a better place to work. That's why Aspect and ASUGA created the GEM Award Program—to recognise and reward individuals who use an Aspect solution to turn good customer interactions into exceptional experiences. LEARN MORE

Nominations are always open. To recognize a GEM at your organisation, nominate here


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ASUGA Webinars

Featuring new topics of interest every month, members gain exclusive access to a series of webinars hosted by ASUGA. Recent webinars have featured presentations by organisational leaders and industry experts covering topics related to:

  • Managing remote and at-home workers
  • Training and coaching strategies
  • Product and solution roadmaps
  • Professional development
  • Time management and productivity

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The business and affairs of ASUGA are managed by its Board of Directors. Directors shall be elected by the members at the annual meeting of members of the corporation. Each director shall be elected for a term of two years. No more than two Directors may be employed by the same corporation, partnership or other entity. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held at least once per month, at such time and place as shall be determined by the Board. 5 attended members of the total number of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Directors are expected to attend a minimum of 50% of meetings of the Board, or of a committee of the Board or of the members (excluding excused absences due to work commitments) to remain in position.

Ric Wilson

President / CEO

Ninzi-Connect Software (South Africa)

Rob Ritter

Membership Director

Comcast (USA)

Tina George

Administrative Director

Wells Fargo (USA)

Krysta Koenig

Administrative Director

Valley Medical Center (USA)

Shawn Livengood

Website Co-Director


Ann Swift

Social Media Co-Director

Southwest Airlines (USA)

De Wuan Robertson

Social Media Co-Director

Banner Health (USA)

James Wilson

Co-Regional Liaison

Amazon (USA)

Jason Hilliard

Co-Regional Liason

Radio Systems Corporation (USA)

Richard Sandoval

Board Member

City of Mesa (USA)

Dr. Debra Bentson

Board Member

Kaiser Permanente (USA)

Rudie Van Rensburg

Board Member

Ninzi-Connect Software (South Africa)

Kaisa Mackie

Board Member

Amazon (USA)

Bill Harz

New Board Member

Best Buy (USA)

Joshua Hill

New Board Member

Express Scripts (USA)

Daniel Podlogar

New Board Member

Amazon Web Services (USA)

Tim Meyer

New Board Member

City of Mesa (USA)