Aspect Via: Agile Development in the Cloud

Enjoy Self-Service, Interaction Management and Workforce Optimization All in the Cloud

Aspect Via® delivers contemporary self-service, interaction management and workforce optimization capabilities in a reliable, robust SaaS architecture designed to deliver the capacity and infrastructure needed to keep organizations agile and eliminate burdensome upfront capital investments.

Built for the Cloud

A clientless, browser-based UX/UI, with common interfaces for all functions keeps deployment hassle-free. Aspect Via is the only Customer Engagement Center that is multi-tenant, 100% pure cloud with continuous delivery in AWS, eliminating the headache of disruptive updates.

Taking full advantage of the Amazon cloud, Aspect Via leverages virtualization techniques such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), Availability Zones (AZs), and Amazon S3 storage.

Aspect Via Diagram

All-in-One Customer Engagement Cloud Platform

Cloud Contact Center Icons

Aspect Via's robust architecture provides a solid foundation for a secure, and scalable engagement center cloud service that also includes on-demand bursting along with anytime, anywhere access and a rich set of API’s to support external integrations including dashboard widgets* and third party CRM systems.

  • Designed from the ground-up to be flexible, on-demand scalable, secure and easy to deploy
  • Reduce capital expenses, shift IT responsibilities and take advantage of new technologies more quickly
  • Everything businesses need is on a single, all-in-one cloud platform

* Coming soon

Proven Cloud

With over 15 years of experience, Aspect is a proven leader in cloud deployment and support – all backed by our 99.999% uptime service-level agreement. Aspect Via’s SaaS architecture takes care of the IT heavy-lifting, freeing businesses to think about what’s really important, like delivering high-quality and personalized service to customers.

Cloud Deployment