Evolving Customer Self-Service - From Modern IVR to Digital Self-Service

‘Let me do it’ consumers want to get things done at their convenience – dictating the ‘when, where and how’ of communicating with organizations.

Give consumers the power of personalized, continuous, context-aware dialogs across channels (IVR, Messaging/Chatbot, Mobile, Web) and interactions (informational and transactional), even when moving from self-service to live agent assistance.

Modern IVR Systems

A Modern IVR experience your callers will love, enriched with caller intent prediction, context continuity, and artificially intelligent adaption to caller behavior for a more “human” IVR experience.

Digital Self-Service

From AI-powered Interactive Text Response solutions such as Facebook Messenger or SMS chatbots, to mobile solutions fully integrated with the contact center – digital self-service omni-channel experiences that leverage the latest generation of natural language understanding technologies and smartphone capabilities.

It is time to rethink self-service, to reshape it from frustrating ‘press 1’ IVR experiences to refreshingly easy and frictionless interactions that cross modern forms of interactive voice response like Visual IVR and Amazon Echo to a host of digital self-services options, from Facebook Messenger and automated chatbots to special-purpose disposable web apps.

Reimagine self-service employing:

  • State-of-the-art text and speech recognition, fueled by natural language understanding technology.
  • Dynamic personalization that presents menu options based on likely user intent – such as inquiring about a recently placed online order.
  • Harmonious integration with the contact center and the larger customer experience so agents don’t miss a beat when customers transfer to live assistance when needed.

Self-Service can play a role in any industry. Click on the demos below to see some examples from our Customer Experience Showcase. Aspect can help you with all of the below use cases, and more.








  • Promotions
  • Order status
  • Product availability
  • Gift card activation
  • Payments
  • Store locator
  • Loyalty cards
  • Surveys


  • Service disruption communication
  • Roaming
  • Top up prepaid accounts
  • Postpaid account management
  • Contract renewal
  • Upgrades
  • Store locator
  • Field service
  • Surveys

Self-Service Delivers Powerful Business Benefits

Increase Customer Satisfaction - How?
Lower Customer Service Costs, Increase First Contact Resolution - How?
Streamline Business Processes - How?
Increase Customer Retention and Repeat Business - How?
Analyze and Optimize - How?

Aspect Via® Customer Engagement Center

Aspect Via is a comprehensive Customer Engagement Center in the cloud, including contact center, workforce optimization, and self-service capabilities. One UI to manage your entire customer engagement.

Aspect® CXP Pro

Aspect CXP makes it easy to design, implement, deploy, manage, and analyze self-service applications across multiple communications channels like voice, mobile web, and text (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, USSD). Design Once, Deploy Everywhere.


Aspect® Prophecy

Aspect Prophecy is natively SIP and a 100% standards-based VoiceXML and CCXML platform for IVR and telephony applications.


“One of the greatest advantages to switching to Aspect CXP Pro is the back-end manageability. We now have a nimble environment where we can make changes and create and run new promotions without extensive development costs. These promotions have resulted in increased revenue for the state and improved player engagement.” - Joyce Mason, IT System Administrator, Idaho Lottery

O que é Autoatendimento ao Cliente?

O autoatendimento inclui qualquer método que um cliente possa utilizar para resolver seu próprio problema antes de chegar a um agente ao vivo. Por exemplo, um cliente pode procurar o site da empresa para obter informações, usar um aplicativo móvel, ligar para uma URA, utilizar as redes sociais como meio de comunicação ou tentar um diálogo automatizado via SMS. Os clientes de hoje são muito autossuficientes devido às poderosas tecnologias de consumo móveis, como smartphones e tablets, que se tornaram algo natural para eles.

O autoatendimento pode ser proativo, assim como como reativo ‒ o poder da análise preditiva torna mais fácil do que nunca para as empresas prever quando um cliente pode precisar agendar um compromisso, pedir o refil de um produto ou fazer uma transferência de fundos e então iniciar a interação com o cliente via URA ou texto.