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Speech Analytics Solutions for Banking and Finance Brochure

Speech analytics solutions can improve contact center efficiency and agent performance and satisfy customers and regulators, while increasing revenue.
Data: 15/08/2018       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Engagement Analytics

University of Michigan Medical Center Case Study

Learn how the University of Michigan Medical Center improved their patient communication through Aspect’s Patient Engagement.
Data: 18/06/2018       
Contact Center

Ring Case Study

Learn how Ring improved their agent productivity and reduced shrinkage through with cloud-based, Aspect Via Workforce Management (WFM)
Data: 06/06/2018       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Workforce Management, Aspect Via Platform

Intuit Case Study

Learn how Intuit improved their agent and customer experience through Aspect Workforce Management (WFM).
Data: 16/04/2018       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Performance Management, Aspect Workforce Management

Aspect Customer Care Data Sheet

Aspect Customer Care offers a full range of services designed to complement your Aspect Software technologies and meet your specific, enterprise application support needs. For robust in-house IT infrastructures, we offer remote mission-critical phone support and proactive application updates. If you’re simply looking to offload daily monitoring and management tasks, we’ve got you covered. We provide differing levels of service, from traditional reactive support, to SaaS solutions, and everything in between.
Data: 26/07/2017       

Valley Medical Center Case Study

Valley Medical Center experienced many positive patient impacts after deploying the full suite of Patient Engagement Solutions technology.
Data: 12/01/2017       
Contact Center, Aspect Workforce Management

Discovering Emerging Trends in Data White Paper

Speech analytics is a powerful tool, but you are missing significant value if you have to rely on existing knowledge to identify new trends that might be appearing in your data. Learn how Aspect Engagement Analytics reveals valuable new insights completely organically.
Data: 09/01/2017       
Workforce Optimization, Aspect Quality Management

Resultados 8 - 14 de 81
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