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Blue Shield of California Case Study

Learn how Blue Shield of California has improved their agent experience through Aspect Workforce Management.
Data: 02/08/2018       

University of Michigan Medical Center Case Study

Learn how the University of Michigan Medical Center improved their patient communication through Aspect’s Patient Engagement.
Data: 18/06/2018       

Ring Case Study

Learn how Ring improved their agent productivity and reduced shrinkage through with cloud-based, Aspect Via Workforce Management (WFM)
Data: 06/06/2018       

UnionBank of the Philippines Case Study

UnionBank taps Aspect Software to help with the bank’s digital transformation.
Data: 05/06/2018       

Intuit Case Study

Learn how Intuit improved their agent and customer experience through Aspect Workforce Management (WFM).
Data: 16/04/2018       

Valley Medical Center Case Study

Valley Medical Center experienced many positive patient impacts after deploying the full suite of Patient Engagement Solutions technology.
Data: 12/01/2017       

VIPDesk Case Study

Provider of U.S.-based customer service for luxury brands delivers omni-channel support through the Aspect Cloud.
Data: 30/06/2016       

Resultados 1 - 7 de 79
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