Aspect can help you quickly deploy a comprehensive work-from-home contact center environment.

The most resilient contact centers are capable of shifting all or a majority of their workforce to remote working situations in order to keep businesses operational while safeguarding the health of employees. We're here to help.

Aspect's product and customer care teams have prepared a series of topic-driven webinars and on-demand Q&A sessions to enable and manage your at-home agent workforce. The on-demand sessions focus on addressing your immediate concerns and aligning many of the systems and capabilities you already have in place.

Each session was originally recorded weekly, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and showcases the real-time flexibility and business acumen displayed by users of the Aspect software platform.

Click on a link below to watch any of the webinars in the Guide to a Resilient Contact Center series.

Establish a Work-From-Home Workforce
The Aspect Product team shares how our customers can utilize their existing Aspect solutions to quickly shift agents to working from home and review best practices to manage home workforces effectively.

There’s No Such Thing as the New Normal, Lessons Learned in Rapid Migration to Remote-Based Work
Aspect customer Language Services Associates shares some hard lessons learned and how proper leveraging of technology and evolving product offerings kept LSA’s customers without interruption.

Manage Your Work-From-Home Workforce
This webinar focuses on how contact center managers can ensure their staff is as productive and efficient at-home as they are on-site.

The Advantages of Cloud
Hear from Aspect customer Connor Shaw of Hoist Finance as he discusses how cloud contact center infrastructure and software allowed his organization to quickly respond and scale due to COVID-19. 

Using Speech Analytics in the Work-From-Home Contact Center
Learn about tools that quickly analyzing every single call across an entire call center. These tools can be leveraged in the work-from-home world to drive productivity, keep agents engaged, and add awareness and understanding beyond statistical insights.

How Will Your Virtual Contact Center Change the Way Your Agents Work?
Aspect partner, Intradiem, shares what customers have learned, how they plan to keep up with agent engagement initiatives, and why the virtual contact center looks like a good strategic plan for the long term. 

Coaching and Mentoring in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty
This session supports you to coach and mentor others and to rise above their anxiety throughout this crisis and its aftermath. It focuses on foundational coaching skills adapted to crisis-management.