Innovation Exchange (IX) is a showcase for cutting edge mobile and cloud-based customer engagement applications.


Enrich your Aspect solution with our ready-made add-on applications, customizable for your unique engagement scenarios.


Deliver a suite of engagement solutions to meet every customer need by leveraging our world class software and add-on applications.


Develop remarkable customer experience apps using Aspect’s award-winning platforms and APIs and offer them here.

Easily connect your Contact Center and CRM from premise to cloud. AMC Technology’s DaVinci platform provides pre-built apps for integrating Aspect Contact Centers with leading business applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle Siebel and Oracle Engagement Cloud. Businesses can improve call management by enabling full telephony functionality for their CRM desktops adding contextual call controls, caller identification and automatic screen population. With DaVinci’s open framework digital channels for SMS and Chat can also be added providing agents an embedded single pane of glass user experience.

Aspect® InQueue offers IVR callers a callback option plus a link to a mobile web app via SMS to try self-service while waiting. If they are able to resolve their issue using the mobile app, the callback is cancelled. Otherwise, their position in the queue will be prioritized to reward them for having tried self-service.

Aspect® Text2IVR gives IVR callers the option to send alphanumeric text information that can present a challenge for automatic speech recognition, like names, addresses, and tracking IDs, via SMS during the call.

The next generation in call center demand management. The BestTime to make a call, the BestTime to receive a call.

synTelate® allows the contact center to fully harness the power of a centralized and uniform platform, ensuring that contact center advisors have the information and guidance they need for every customer interaction. 

Aspect® Text Self-Service gives customers a multi-lingual, natural language, self-service interface using 2-way SMS or USSD text applications, also referred to as Interactive Text Response, with agent backup where needed.

Aspect® Social Self-Service gives customers a multi-lingual, natural language, self-service interface on the Twitter channel with agent backup where needed.

Securely process checking and credit card payments using IVR.  Provides contact centers with the ability to securely process payments from callers within the Aspect PCI Level 1 network. 

Aspect® Visual IVR is a touch-controlled menu of interactive voice response (IVR) options for smartphone users that accompanies the purely audio-based IVR experience with visual data such as images and text, improving first-call resolution and reducing call times.

CheckMate is a rich-featured software platform, which delivers high value functionality and flexibility to contact centers. The solution contributes to the overall improvement of operational performance and achievement of strategic goals of contact centers that deal with Collections, Telemarketing, Customer Service and other business processes.

‘CheckMate Collections’ is a sophisticated platform that automates business operations for the entire collection business process. Natively integrated with Aspect Unified IP, the solution is tailored to meet the needs of third party collection agencies, public institutions, debt buyers, financial institutions and law firms and it supports both in-house collection centers and outsourcing agencies.

Build campaigns to monitor patient wellness and more...

Manage automated inbound and outbound customer contacts.

In-Call-Rescue makes it easy to replace hold-time with a call-back. As a cloud-based service, it is compatible with all platforms from Aspect as well as other vendors. Pure SaaS pricing makes it viable for call centers of all sizes.

OmniConnect is a modular, open standards software solution that allows an enterprise to integrate any CRM application with Aspect® Unified IP®. OmniConnect supports all branded and homebrew CRM systems and allows for quick and efficient integration.

An option to get connected with the right customer service agent by sending “Call me” as an SMS text message to the same toll-free number customers would otherwise call.

As a trusted and reliable source for recordings and translations for Aspect we can deliver for you and your clients the voice they wanted, with the price and turn-time you need.

Digital Base Productions has the ability to work on a Global Scale. We provide the proper dialect and language to fit where your needs may be.

Allow your customers to access answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) via what is increasingly their channel of choice: Text (SMS, Twitter, Facebook). Take the valuable information you have on your web site and IVR channels and provide it with the immediacy of SMS.

Professionally-recorded voice prompts for Aspect IVR and self-service solutions in any language or dialect. 

Aspect® ViewPoint provides an instant, actionable view of critical real-time and historical data, and convenient access to multiple sources in a consolidated view on your desktop.

Order status and tracking is a major concern for your customers: allow them to do it their way and when they want without impacting your contact center staff in any way!

PCI DSS Compliance is a concern for almost all contact centers. Simplify and secure your contact center operations by automating this task with a highly intelligent bot!