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Deployment Model
Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Geographic Availability
Please contact us regarding SMS availability in your region.

Product/Services Needed

- Aspect CXP Pro
- SMS Gateway

Created By

Aspect® Text2IVR gives IVR callers the option to send alphanumeric text information that can present a challenge for automatic speech recognition, like names, addresses, and tracking IDs, via SMS during the call.

Aspect Text2IVR lets the customer enter free-form data such as name, address and other information that is hard to recognize for speech recognition systems via the convenient channel of SMS. All this while interacting with the IVR – enabling faster and more accurate data exchange.

Aspect Text2IVR can determine if the call coming into your contact center is originating from a landline or wireless phone. Wireless callers are given the option of sending alpha-numeric data via a simple SMS text message to the same number they just dialed. Data sent is repeated back in the IVR for confirmation, and then conveniently stored in your enterprise backend system. 

With Aspect Text2IVR:

  • Enhance your IVR to collect free-form data from customers during IVR sessions via SMS
  • Eliminate misinterpreted information and increase accuracy of data collection
  • Reduce call times and customer frustration

Typical dialog flow of a Text2IVR interaction

Typical dialog flow of a Text2IVR interaction


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