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Deployment Model
Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Geographic Availability
Available globally with Aspect Unified IP. Please contact us regarding SMS availability in your region.

Product/Services Needed

- Aspect CXP Pro
- SMS Gateway
- Aspect Unified IP

Created By

Aspect® InQueue offers IVR callers a callback option plus a link to a mobile web app via SMS to try self-service while waiting. If they are able to resolve their issue using the mobile app, the callback is cancelled. Otherwise, their position in the queue will be prioritized to reward them for having tried self-service.

Aspect InQueue makes the best use of your customers’ hold time by providing them with an option to resolve the call through mobile self-service while securing their place in the call queue. Aspect InQueue enhances the customer experience by empowering the customer and providing faster resolution. Furthermore, Aspect InQueue improves contact center efficiency and productivity by freeing up agents to perform more complex interactions.

Aspect InQueue resolves issues faster by engaging the customer with mobile self-service options while they wait for an agent. During the wait time, the Aspect solution offers the customer the option of receiving an SMS text message on their mobile device, directing them to a mobile Web app with self-service options. These options either help prequalify the call for the agent or answer the customer’s questions directly.

If the customer agrees that their issue was resolved, the callback is cancelled, which frees up your queue and saves valuable agent time. If the customer would still like to speak to an agent, Aspect InQueue prioritizes the caller by rewarding them for having tried your self-serve options. The time to wait for an agent is thus reduced.

With Aspect InQueue:

  • Give your customers the chance to resolve their issue quicker through mobile self-service instead of waiting to speak to an agent
  • Improve your operations by cancelling unnecessary callbacks after successful self-service
  • Educate your customers about the power of mobile self-service, resulting in fewer calls

Typical dialog flow of an InQueue interaction

Typical dialog flow of an InQueue interaction

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