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For new users, Aspect Prophecy is available for a free 90 day trial. If you'd like a trial period greater than 90 days, call us at 1-888-547-2481, click on Chat with Sales below or email usl at any time during your development process.

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About Aspect Prophecy

Aspect Prophecy is a powerful, entirely standards-based platform for speech, IVR, and SIP VoIP applications. Prophecy is the world’s first telephony application platform software to offer enterprise-class features with retail like simplicity, at an extremely low price. The resulting product is:

  • Accessible – Prophecy is an openly available, single download product with no configuration required: just one download includes speech recognition (ASR), speech synthesis (TTS), and our Designer visual development tool
  • Simple – Prophecy includes everything needed to create and deploy any IVR or VoIP application, including full VoiceXML and CCXML browsers with high-quality speech recognition and synthesis engines, a built-in SIP soft-phone, and support for hundreds of SIP providers and devices. Prophecy works with any web development language or server including ASP, CGI, C#, Java, PERL, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Prophecy has a built-in web server that supports PHP and Java applications as well.
  • 100% Standards based – Prophecy includes the first (and only) VoiceXML browser to pass 100% of the mandatory and optional VoiceXML compliance tests and includes the worlds most proven CCXML implementation.
  • Inexpensive – For testing and evaluation, Aspect Prophecy is free for two ports (two concurrent calls). Please call us at 855 488 5861, click on Chat with Sales below or complete the Email Us form on the Contact Us page for information on licensing and pricing.


When you first run the Prophecy download it will guide you through the installation of the full set of Voxeo tools and services. The evaluation version comes with a fully functional 30-day license key, and you can upgrade to a permanent free license at any time simply by registering the software.

After the installation is complete you should have the following new services running:

  • Aspect Prophecy Server, including Voxeo’s CCXML, CallXML, and MRCP servers
  • Aspect Prophecy VoiceXML Browser, the Voxeo VoiceXML 2.1-compliant server
  • Aspect Prophecy Management Console, including a web server with full PHP support
  • Aspect Prophecy Application Sever, including a web server with full Java servlet/JSP support
  • Aspect Designer, including the Designer server and visual development tool


After installation, you can edit the following scripts:

  • For CallXML, the callxml-home.xml script is in the www directory of the Prophecy installation. This script can then be accessed via the built-in PHP-capable web-server at http://localhost:9990/callxml-home.xml
  • For VoiceXML, the vxml-home.xml script is in the www directory of the Prophecy installation. This script can then be accessed via the built-in PHP-capable web server at
  • For CCXML Voxeo, the ccxml-home.xml script is in the www directory of the Prophecy installation. This script can then be accessed via the built-in PHP-capable web server at
  • For CCXML 1.0 (the W3C specification), the ccxml10-home.xml script is in the www directory of the Prophecy installation. This script can then be accessed via the built-in PHP-capable web server at

Finally, you can then call into the platform using the Voxeo SIP softphone from the start menu. You can call the following addresses from the softphone:

  • call sip:callxml@ for CallXML
  • call sip:ccxml@ for CCXML Voxeo
  • call sip:ccxml10@ for CCXML 1.0
  • call sip:vxml@ for VoiceXML

Help with Aspect Prophecy

The Prophecy Home Page, which can be accessed from the Windows tray, Mac menu item, or from your browser at, provides access to:

  • A quick start guide
  • The Prophecy administration console
  • CallXML documentation
  • VoiceXML documentation
  • CCXML documentation
  • The Prophecy Support forum, and more.

For help with using Prophecy from the command line, go to the directory Prophecy was installed to and run “prophecy help”. This will provide you with basic information about the platform, including how to query service status, uninstall, start services, and more.

For more information on CallXML, CCXML, or VoiceXML, refer to the Voxeo reference guides below. Note, however, that these guides refer exclusively to using Voxeo’s hosted Evolution developer portal for testing.

Reporting Bugs, Problems, or Suggestions

If you find any problems with the Prophecy Platform, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and submit a ticket.


Key Benefits

  • 100% VoiceXML and CCXML Compliant
  • Full W3C Standards Support
  • Comprehensive CCXML Call Control
  • Audio Prompt and Text-To-Speech (TTS) Support
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Support
  • Web-based Application and Report Management
  • Real-Time Logger and Debugger