Deliver the Omnichannel Customer Service Today's Customers Expect

Customers today expect channel choice. As the availability of new channels and new devices continues to grow, we are also seeing an increase in customers’ willingness—and inclination—to change channels according to their preferences, device availability and current activity. It is imperative that organizations provide a consistent and seamless cross-channel experience when customers engage, inquire and request service, whenever, wherever and via whatever channel suits them.



Contact Center Omnichannel Agent simplifies and flexibly manages multichannel live agent-assisted interactions across contact channels.

  • Deliver consistent service across voice, email, web chat, SMS and mobile
  • Allow customers to seamlessly move between channels while preserving all background customer activity and data
  • Create cost efficiencies, reduce customer frustration and better resolve issues by offering omnichannel experiences
  • Add CX Automated Agent capabilities to provide a seamless omnichannel customer journey by preserving session state across customer touchpoints, whether self-service, agent-assisted or both