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THE COMMUNITY of Aspect Professional Services helps you take your customer experiences to the next level by turning your technology investments into powerful enterprise business solutions that ensure your business seamlessly aligns people, processes and data sources. We build seamlessly connected, best-in-class solutions for some of the world’s leading brands, who rely on us to deliver remarkable experiences for their customers.

Recent Blog Posts

Apple Business Chat – A Contact Center Perspective

A week ago, I wrote about how iOS is slowly turning into an operating system for your life, not your devices, by adding customer service and eCommerce functions into its core OS. In this piece, I’ll provide an overview of how Business Ch... Read More

Improving Patient Engagement with Reporting and Business Intelligence

Most private and public enterprises routinely pursue performance improvement initiatives to reduce costs, increase competitiveness and improve operations. Healthcare organizations are no different but in addition to reducing costs, they... Read More

Customer Engagement Center Series: Proactive Outreach

Last week, we covered the omni-channel customer service experience as part of our customer engagement center series and this week we are continuing along the same line with proactive outreach. We’ve discussed the ‘Now Consumer’ before, a... Read More
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