5 Daily Doses, 10 Minutes Each, Get a Coffee On Us*

It’s time for a break from outdated IVR systems. Add pep to your step (and your IVR) with a coffee break. In just 10 minutes you’ll learn a top concept in IVR innovation.

You’ll learn a latte from our web series, Modern IVR: Perk Up Your CX. When you register, we’ll deliver one ultra-focused 10 minute session directly to your inbox for the next five days. Take a break and get the facts – you deserve it. And the best part is – there’s a gift card waiting for you at the end!

Join us as we examine five top concepts from the Aspect IVR Innovation Wheel:

  • Discover how context continuity ensures your callers will never have to repeat themselves again
  • Learn how you can predict the reason for a call through smart integration with your customer systems of record, making your IVR much more useful and efficient as a result
  • Gain knowledge on proactive outreach and the benefits of contacting your customers before they contact you
  • Learn how Visual IVR allows your menu options to come to life, drastically shortening call times and increasing first call resolution
  • Understand how Text2IVR can help you significantly lower your cost, while making transactions much shorter for your callers

*Take all five breaks to receive a $5.00 Starbucks Card and enjoy a coffee on us.

Meet our Presenters

Tobias Goebel
Senior Director, Emerging Technologies

Andreas Volmer
Director, Product Management

Evan Dobkin
Senior Manager, Product Marketing