Aspect just hired our first digital employee! Have you met her yet? Her name is Ivy, and she "lives" on our Facebook page, helping visitors learn more about Aspect. Say hi to her by messaging us at

The power of natural language understanding equips Ivy to have natural and free flowing conversations with you, so feel free to ask her questions like "tell me about Aspect Via", "what conferences will you be attending this year?", or "where are your office locations?". If you test her wit, Ivy might even have a funny answer for you... try asking her about the weather! And if Ivy doesn't have an answer or fails to understand your question, she knows how to involve her human colleagues, pulling them in to continue your chat without interruption. She constantly learns and gets better over time. We’re sure Ivy will grow on you!


While you might have an idea of what chatbots can do for you and your business, we want to show you a broad range of use cases that span verticals such as banking, healthcare, utilities, and telecommunications, and applications such as appointment management, bill pay, account management, and more.

Check out this library of use cases and interactive demos that showcase the power of combining chatbot technology with live customer service. Get ideas for applications and see how easy it is to use chatbots from a customer's perspective. For our full mobile showcase, click here