Introducing The Aspect Master Program

Transform your career! Become an expert on the solution you use every day. Kickstart your Master Program certification with these special ACE classes – a $750 value, included with your ACE registration. Plus, all attendees who complete this program will be recognized at the closing keynote and those with a paid registration will receive a voucher to be used toward obtaining a Certified Professional Certificate.

The Aspect Master Program offers two different options. Path 1 focuses on Forecasting Workforce Management. Path 2 concentrates on design fundamentals for CXP.

Space is limited to the first 100 registrants for each path.

Path 1: Understanding Forecasting Parameters in Aspect® Workforce Management
Ideal for: WFM Administrators, Forecasters, Analysts, Partners

Not getting the best forecast using your historical data? Take part in the early stages of Workforce Management mastery with these courses offered at ACE. Learn the theories and the steps needed to update or create your volume forecasting models. Our team will take you through how to conduct an in-depth statistical analysis of your historical data and what calculations are involved in creating your forecasting parameters and historical patterns. Additionally, you will learn how to input the results into the WFM system, as well as some best practices to take with you for fine-tuning your forecasting results.

** Note that the complete Workforce Management Master Program is under development. **

Path 2: IVR Design Fundamentals for Aspect® CXP
Ideal for: Developers, Partners

Take part in the early stages of CXP mastery with these ACE courses. You’ll learn the basics of creating simple, yet functional interactive, voice-response applications using the CX Designer solution. You’ll also gain insight into the design of such applications to carry forward in your own developments as well as get a jumpstart on the training you’ll receive in the official CXP Master Program.

** Note that the complete CXP Master Program is under development. **