Now, more than ever, communication preferences are driving customer experience expectations and millennials, mobile technology and social media are colliding to radically change customer service as we know it.

The Aspect Consumer Experience Index study looked at consumer attitudes, expectations, preferences and customer service priorities by generation.

Key Findings:

lightbulb Millennials want to communicate on their terms which includes SMS and social media – not face to face. That’s like asking them to carry cash. It’s not going to happen.
lightbulb Because traditional customer service is not addressing this trend, it’s costing companies business – customers are literally texting their way out the door.
lightbulb Millennials have no fear of leaving a company. Over half already do it every year.

This new generation will not tolerate waiting in lines, repeating their problem to five different people or being treated like a number. Companies that do not adapt risk obsolescence as this new generation becomes an economic powerhouse.
– Joe Gagnon, Aspect and Jason Dorsey, Center for Generational Kinetics, study co-authors

What to do?


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Research by Aspect Software in conjunction with the Center of Generational Kinetics.