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Mobile, Desktop, Browser-based
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Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
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The next generation in call center demand management. The BestTime to make a call, the BestTime to receive a call.

BestTime is the foundation of a digitally-lead, genuine omni-channel experience that is simple and quick to deploy and seamless for customers. AdvaTel’s BestTime (patent pending) CX management solution allows contact center owners the ability to achieve significant productivity improvements and cost savings at the same time offering a much enhanced customer experience by advising them of the current waiting time on the Website and/or Mobile App before they call and provide them a number of alternative communications that are just one click away. BestTime enables callers to request a return notification when the wait time is below a prescribed threshold. This is the introduction of the “virtual waiting room” where callers are free to go about their business being productive while waiting for the BestTime to call. The ongoing battle in the contact center isn’t necessarily how to manage the customer engagement process, the battle is managing the customer experience.

In addition, another feature of BestTime is Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) which allows a Supervisor to type a real time message that is immediately posted on the web site about a current situation that may otherwise cause a spike in inbound traffic, e.g. “We are aware the gas is off in High street Williamstown and it is being attended to currently”. This avoids having to re-record a message on their IVR. The potential callers will not even pick up their phone to call. This can also be used to promote “special offers” for the caller to discuss with the agents.

Lastly but equally important is BestTime can provide a “feed” into a workforce management system to show future demand based on actual facts of those potential callers who have specifically placed themselves in the BestTime waiting room. Currently, WFM can only base their calculations on historical information but with a “feed” from BestTime’s waiting room statistics, now WFM calculations can be based on actual user-confirmed near future demand.

The BestTime to make a call, the BestTime to receive a call

The BestTime to make a call, the BestTime to receive a call
Asia Pacific, Global, Europe, Latin America, North America Interaction management Mobile, Desktop, Browser-based Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid