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Mobile, Browser-based
Deployment Model
Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Geographic Availability
May require a local partner for SMS delivery. Contact us for more information.

Product/Services Needed

- Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP)
- Aspect Advanced Voice Portal
- SMS Gateway

Created By

Aspect® Visual IVR is a touch-controlled menu of interactive voice response (IVR) options for smartphone users that accompanies the purely audio-based IVR experience with visual data such as images and text, improving first-call resolution and reducing call times.

For consumers using the traditional voice channel from a smart mobile device, Aspect Visual IVR can act as a bridge between both worlds. Furthermore, it can help companies entice their customers to use the (less costly) self-service avenue. Ultimately, consumers will realize that starting in your mobile app that implements callback or in-app live chat might be the best way to reach out for help.

With Aspect Visual IVR, rather than controlling the IVR tree with speech or touch-tone input alone, the options are visualized through a touch-optimized mobile Web experience that doesn’t require the download of a native mobile app first. All smartphones across all platforms are supported through the use of HTML5 and SMS. Navigating the IVR application and connecting to a customer service representative is thus accelerated through a user-friendly interface. Last but not least, this option can also assist the hearing-impaired. Once connected to an agent, native mobile capabilities can be leveraged to keep a “visual bridge” and a data channel open to share documents or images securely. These capabilities can also be embedded into your existing mobile native apps.

Aspect Visual IVR

Aspect Visual IVR

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