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Deployment Model
Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America
Geographic Availability
Currently available globally.

Product/Services Needed

- Aspect Unified IP 7.0 or above
- Aspect CXP Pro
- Aspect Workforce Management 7.3 or above
- Workforce Management Web Services
- .Net Framework 4.0 or above full profile

Created By

Aspect® Virtual Schedule Attendant empowers agents with the ability to quickly dial into the contact center and remotely alert administrative staff of schedule affecting changes such as tardiness, absence and personal days.

Aspect Virtual Schedule Attendant utilizes tight integration between Aspect Workforce Management and one of Aspect’s industry leading IVR platforms to reduce administrative overhead and provide real-time updates to staffing forecasts as well as enhance overall employee satisfaction. Agents can also listen to their schedules through automated menu options.

Aspect Virtual Schedule Attendant

Aspect Virtual Schedule Attendant

Virtual Schedule Attendant

Virtual Schedule Attendant


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