Brokerage Industry

Making Great Customer Relationships Pay Off

The brokerage industry has had its share of challenges, having been hit hard in the last decade by game-changing economic events including the near financial collapse of 2008. Extensive regulatory changes and governmental mandates further complicated the picture and resulted in extensive pressure on the bottom line. Never before has the need been greater to do more with less, and to do so without negatively affecting the customer experience and, ultimately, profitability.

Faced with times such as these, there is increased and significant value in providing differentiation through exceptional customer service. Your clients want a partner who is there for them when needed – not just to keep up with market events but to stay ahead of them. Aspect knows that means taking a unified approach to optimizing organizational resources from the front-line to the back office in a highly structured, repeatable way. Give your clients freedom in how they interact with you along with the assurance that all transactions are handled reliably. It pays to invest with Aspect.

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience: Offer customers multi-choice access to traditional and modern communication channels, such as voice, email, SMS, chat, social, mobile and web. With fast-changing market conditions and clients constantly on the go, providing access via the most convenient and readily available channels is vital.
  • Proactive Customer Care: Utilize proactive outbound voice, SMS, mobile, web and email to send notifications and reminders for stock alerts, tracked orders and more. Once received, enable customers to quickly access their account through web or voice self-service options, with the ability for live agent assistance if necessary.
  • Intelligent Routing: Make sure incoming service inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on customer need (for example, trade execution vs. research vs. advice vs. back office transaction inquiry)
  • Social Engagement: Productively engage with consumers when bad press or negative public image issues arise. Proactive social engagement can also work to create a positive brand image in the marketplace for both customers and prospects.
  • Security: Address the need to be transparent while also proactively protecting a customer’s privacy and identity, which is paramount to creating a trustworthy image
  • Workforce Management: Make the best use of staff resources within the contact center and across the firm by making the stock market research and trade expertise that’s spread throughout the enterprise available to agents, customer service staff and contact center agents
  • Seamless Data Access: Personalize the customer experience by informing every interaction with data from separate databases and systems spread across the enterprise. The result is tailored content for the interaction based upon data such as previous transactions, portfolio ownership, broker assignment, customer profitability or previous interaction history.
  • Customer Analytics: Capture customer speech and text interactions to help meet regulatory requirements, and leverage detailed summary reporting and tracking of specific complaints for legal disputes
  • Privacy: Configure contact center technology using your business processes to ensure privacy rules are followed
  • Agent Coaching: Monitor calls in real-time for certain pre-defined spoken or omitted phrases that conform to a business rule or regulation (such as ‘past performance is not indicative of future results’) so supervisors can intervene as warranted in real-time while there is still an opportunity to comply
  • Back Office: Streamline back office processes and workflow by improving productivity to make sure your back office can execute the trades and other requests that the front line initiated for their customers, thus improving the customer experience
  • Deployment Options: Choose the selection that keeps sensitive customer information right where you want it, including on-premise or private, dedicated cloud options


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