Shiver Me Texters: Aspect Software Drops Anchor with Text Like a Pirate Day

Date: 9/18/2015, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Text Like a Pirate Day designed to enlighten brands to what most consumers already know: text is the new talk
  • Shows design and implementation simplicity of creating innovative text and messaging solutions using Aspects CXP platform
  • Text Like a Pirate encourages consumers to voice their demands for better, richer text and self-service applications

To show how easy it is for companies to create consumer experiences that connect voice, text, chat, messaging apps and social networks, Aspect Software, or Arrrrrspect as the company will be known by for tomorrow only, is declaring Saturday, September 19th Text Like a Pirate Day in conjunction with the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day.

A host of recent consumer research confirms what most average smartphone users already know: text is the new talk. Case in point: according to The Aspect Consumer Experience Index research survey the average consumer would increase their use of text by 367% and chat by 250% when contacting companies if those companies just made it easier. Unfortunately most companies are failing to make the realization.

Unlike pirates who historically had little concern for people, Aspect’s CXP platform makes it easy to design, implement and deploy exceptional consumer experience applications across multiple communication channels, like voice, text, chat, messaging apps and social networks that enable more customers to experience first-contact resolution on their time and their terms.

Self-service applications that give consumers the power to solve issues on their own free up contact center agents to spend more time with customers requiring assistance with complex problems. And in the process, Aspect CXP solutions lower customer service costs, streamline business processes, and increase customer retention. And CXP solutions are so easy to setup even a pirate can do it.

Landlubbers wishing to let companies know their desire for richer, easier text, chat and messaging app communications, are invited to participate in #TextLikeAPirate Day and let their texts be heard by companies around the world. Participants just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Text ‘Sail Ho’ to 407-902-2226 to get your pirate name.
  2. Participants receive a text back with their pirate name.
  3. Participants can request a callback if they want to hear a hilarious pirate joke. Or even a mildly amusing pirate joke.
  4. New enlistees can have their pirate names shared on Twitter if they choose.

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