Aspect Software Fortifies Front and Back Office Suite with Introduction of Real-Time Work Management

Date: 5/24/2013, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

  • New Back Office Optimizer, powered by eg, introduces ability to dynamically allocate work across resources with real-time control over service level commitment and achievement
  • Part of new Advanced Back Office Optimization suite that provides seamless enterprise integration into any environment with support for all work channels and manual tasks
  • Advanced Back Office Optimization provides full control over and insight into people, tasks and overall process efficiency, quality and effectiveness
Aspect Software, a leading provider of fully-integrated customer interaction managementworkforce optimization, and back-office solutions, today announced the availability of Advanced Back Office Optimizer (powered by eg) which provides real-time work management and operational intelligence. Purpose-built for the back office, this new product is part of Aspect’s Advanced Back Office Optimization suite that includes Aspect’s market-leading Workforce Management product, Desktop Analytics and Performance Management. This integrated suite provides the workforce planning and people management, real-time work and task management, and reporting and analytics that turn the back office into an instrumental driver of exceptional customer experiences.
Early adopters of back office Workforce Optimization solutions are realizing very significant savings, ranging from 20 percent to 40 percent according to Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting president and contact center/back office industry analyst.
The addition of Aspect’s Back Office Optimizer will amplify these improvements with real-time work allocation and reallocation based on demand, resource availability and skill, and service level goals along with pre-configured views into operational efficiency and effectiveness. 
Today’s worldwide back office labor pool represents 15-20 percent of the global company’s labor force according to a 2010 McKinsey & Company article on back office operations. This workforce performs tasks whose outcome directly affects service delivery including loyalty enrollment, payment processing, order fulfillment and service activation. Many of these back office processes are manual or accomplished through ten or more systems and involve 40 percent of the back office labor pool. Enterprises are finding that this efficiency deficit is a difficult task to address. According to a commissioned study of customer service strategy decision makers conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Aspect Software, 42 percent of respondents said that they are unable to effectively manage the end-to-end workflow of interactions primarily because of un-integrated applications.
To address these challenges, Aspect’s Advanced Back Office Optimization provides a full suite of products to deliver process and workflow efficiency that creates exceptional customer experiences:
  • Aspect Workforce Management provides accurate workforce planning and forecasting and automatic scheduling of resources for back office or blended environments (front and back).
  • Aspect Back Office Optimizer provides real-time work management with automatic allocation and reallocation based on resource availability and skill, demand, and service level commitments. It also provides purpose-built reports and dashboards pre-configured with operational intelligence.
  • Aspect Performance Management extends the value of back office insight through the integration to enterprise data stores and a 360 degree operational view that not only unites the front and back office but can be used to automate key workflows.
“The back office is one of the most underdeveloped areas for efficiency improvement in the enterprise. There is a strong market demand for a single solution to optimize and orchestrate the many different resources and tasks that impact the customer experience in both the front and back office,” says Spence Mallder, General Manager Workforce Optimization and Chief Technology Officer at Aspect. “With our partnership with eg solutions, Aspect is able to respond to this need and provide a solution that coordinates workforce processes while seamlessly elevating the level of service that is delivered.”
Aspect’s Back Officer Optimizer is powered by eg solutions.
More information about Aspect’s Back Officer Optimizer and Advanced Back Office Optimization Suite is available here:
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eg solutions, plc is a global back office optimisation software company. eg's software provides historic, real-time and predictive Operational MI. When implemented with their training programme for managers and team leaders to use this intelligence, eg guarantee improvements in operational results in short timescales.
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