Ask a CFO, He Knows: Aspect Software Announces Upgrade Program to Help Move Antiquated ACD Contact Centers to the Cloud

Date: 10/21/2014, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Program’s compelling economic incentives, constructed by Aspect’s CFO for CFOs, is  designed to impress even the most skeptical CFOs
  • Ask a CFO program takes aim at system displacements of Aspect’s primary competitors: Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Interactive Intelligence
  • Backed by the Aspect Value Analyzer which quantifies the economic benefits associated with migrating from legacy on-premises ACD contact centers to contemporary, omni-channel cloud solutions

Somedeals are just too good to be true and contact center promotions are no exception.Companies struggle figuring out the true costs behind confusing cloud promotions, long-term contracts, add-on capabilities and figuring out why set-up fees are so high. Rising consumer expectations, an ever-increasing number of communication options and rapidly evolving technologies only complicate the journey. Confusion like this is why Aspect Software today announced the Ask a CFO program. The program is designed to help companies find a way to balance the demands of delivering great service with the financial objectives of their organization.

“The concept around Ask a CFO is fairly simple. The economic promise of OPEX-based cloud deployments is often difficult to quantify, but good corporate governance requires a business case that justifies the decision to adopt cloud solutions,” says Bob Krakauer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Aspect. “I have been intimately engaged in Aspect’s business case analysis with our own embrace of the cloud, from implementation of our ERP systems to the content management software we use to manage So who better to help guide our customers through the maze of often times confusing and not-so-compelling price models than a CFO?”

Ask a CFO offers promotional pricing on both Unified IP 7.3 delivered via Aspect Hosted and Aspect’s Software-as-a-Service full cloud contact center solution, Zipwire.

Promotional details for Zipwire Omni-Channel or Omni-Channel Pro packages include:

  • Up to a 35% year-one discount on Zipwire’s already highly-competitive per-seat pricing
  • With up to a 25% discount in years two and three
  • Omni-Channel includes advanced inbound voice, outbound, recording, basic IVR, chat, email, SMS, IVR, outbound voice and recording capabilities (plus Mobile chat and video for Omni-Channel Pro)
  • Highly competitive inbound and outbound voice services that can reduce contact center telco costs by as much as 50%

Promotional pricing for Aspect Hosted includes:

  • Up to a 40% year-one discount on hosting of core Unified IP 7.3  licenses
  • With up to a 30% discount in years two and three
  • Includes advanced interaction management (inbound, outbound, campaign optimization, self-service basic IVR, chat, email, SMS, workflow) capabilities
  • Minimum of 250 seats for contact centers larger than 250 concurrent seats

Calling on Aspect’s 40 years of industry experience, Ask a CFO is designed to ease ACD migration to a modern customer engagement center in the cloud so customers can accelerate time to value, adopt the latest technologies more quickly and position organizations for long-term success. Using the new Value Analyzer and Aspect’s proven contact center expertise, Aspect works with customers to:  

  • Quantify the financial benefits of a cloud contact center
  • Highlight what to look for when evaluating contact center solutions and offers
  • Ensure that customers select a solution that is right for their business today and future proof them for their needs tomorrow

“I suspect that the finance organizations of our customers and prospects are looking to ensure that cloud-based solutions deliver compelling economics, so we are taking a consultative “customer-first” approach that ensures organizations secure a solution that balances the demands of delivering great end-customer service with the financial goals of their company,” Krakauer continues. “The strength of any promotion, any offer is really only as good as the company behind it. Aspect brings deep industry experience along with the most innovative technology and custom application opportunities to Ask a CFO. This is why we’re different. Its why Ask a CFO is compelling.”

Ask a CFO offers compelling incentives on Aspect’s Cloud and hosted solutions. Customers interested in finding out more about the Ask a CFO promotion can read Bob’s answers to Common Cloud Questions, checkout his Cloud Checklist for Success or attend Bob’s webinar: CFO Perspective: Contact Center Economics and the Cloud on December 2nd, 2:00 PM EST.

The Ask a CFO promotional offers require a three-year contract term commitment and are valid for customers who are migrating from a competitive legacy ACD from Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Interactive Intelligence or other qualifying on-premises systems. Offers are only good for the first 50 signed deals OR through March 31, 2015 and in the countries where Zipwire and Aspect Hosted are sold. Ask a CFO offers are available in North America, EMEA and Latin America.

For more information about the Ask A CFO program, go to: or follow the #AskACFO hashtag on Twitter.

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