Customer Success Story - Automated Self-Service: Solving for Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency, Featuring BAC Credomatic

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Case Study Overview

Customers globally are embracing digital channels and are more comfortable conversing with automated assistants than ever. This offers organizations new opportunities to deliver better customer experiences, as well as realize significant cost savings, through automation. In this case study, learn how Aspect Customer BAC Credomatic developed a series of bots across multiple self-service channels that helped support better and more efficient customer experiences for collections, online banking, lending and more. Of course, not all interactions are suitable to be handled by a bot and sometimes customers may want to reach a live agent. That’s why BAC Credomatic also utilizes flexible scheduling and automation tools to ensure that the right agents are available to help customers at the right times.

Watch this session to learn how BAC Credomatic:

  • Increased digital collections by 12%
  • Improved efficiency in self-service operations
  • Supports 30% of interactions outside of regular service hours
  • And more

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Berny Chavarría
Head of Digital Channels, BAC Credomatic

Berny lives to blow stuff up by way of innovation. He stared his career at BAC Credomatic eight years ago, working in many IT projects. After finished his MBA with honors and winning first place at the IXL Innovation Olympics 2016, Berny moved on to Shared Service Center as a Digital Channels Head.

In 2018 Berny won the first Regional Place in an annual competition of innovation. Berny was selected as one of the best employees of the year 2019 for Grupo AVAL. Berny`s team launched ITR services for the organization, which today operates in 6 countries.

Tomás Odio
Manager Shared Service, BAC Credomatic

Tomás is passionate about innovation. In his 11 years al BAC Credomatic he has led the transformation of contact centers introducing bold strategies, processes and technology, delighting customers and achieving great efficiency. Currently, he is the Shared Service Front Office Manager leading the centralization of various processes including ITR with great results.

Tomás was selected as one of the best employees of the year 2019 for Grupo AVAL. Tomás is an Industrial Engineer and MBA, 6-time marathoner, husband and father of a 5-year-old.

Michael Harris
Chief Product Officer and CMO, Aspect

Michael has responsibility for our global Product Strategy, Product Management, Technology and Marketing activities. He has over 25 years' experience in the technology space with 15 years in senior executive roles where he successfully managed businesses, products, strategy, marketing and operations. Generating the big idea is only part of the equation for success, the execution phase is truly what delivers impact in the marketplace and with our customers experiences.