Aspect Quality Analytics

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Best-in-Class Features

Aspect Quality Analytics is a full-featured speech analytics engine completely integrated with the Quality Monitoring component of the Aspect® Workforce Optimization suite.

It’s specifically designed to be used by supervisors, agents and quality mentors to make the QA process far more efficient and effective than it has ever been before.

Quality Analytics Dashboard

Playback/Evaluate with Analytics

Easily view the keys words and phrases that were identified during the recorded interaction, then quickly jump to those key words and phrases using the Speech tab.

Quality Recordings

Ensure High Productivity of Your Quality Staff

Aspect Quality Analytics does the job of dozens of quality evaluation staff members by analyzing 100% of interactions and by categorizing the interactions into searchable groups. This means your quality analysts don’t have to spend hours listening to calls.

Free up the time of supervisors and quality mentors to provide valuable coaching of individual agents and researching the root cause of team-wide quality issues.

Quality Analytics Image

Aspect Quality Analytics Features

  • Uses the modern icon and widget-based Aspect WFO UI
  • Tags 100% of recorded calls with predefined categories
  • Improves visibility into key business drivers
  • Creates a baseline performance measure for calibration
  • Identifies operational issues on which to focus
  • Do ad hoc searches of voice interactions on key words/phrases
  • Surfaces important trends using dynamic dashboard reporting
  • Integrates easily with quality evaluation to drive change
  • Pinpoints coaching and training opportunities within your workforce
  • Includes custom categories to track unique customer trends
  • Improves self-service channels by understanding why customers are calling



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What is Speech Analytics for Quality Management?

Traditionally, quality management analysts have had to manually review customer interactions looking for call characteristics that are identified on the quality evaluation form. It’s always been a tedious process that sampled only a small portion of the total interactions and so provided only limited guidance for changing agent behavior.

Using speech analytics, a quality management analyst is able to be very targeted in selecting the right calls to evaluate based not only on the traditional metadata available with a call but also on the content of the conversation itself. Applying this type of targeted approach allows an organization to align its quality program to exact business objectives and KPIs achieving greater value from the quality program. In addition to targeted word search, the business is able to track the trending of several categories to follow the health of the business.