Performance Management in the Cloud

Simple Cloud Delivery of Powerful Contact Center Performance Management

Aspect® Performance Management delivered from the cloud provides a “single source of truth” for all contact center data and an easy way to perform detailed analysis of that data with the cost and flexibility advantages of the cloud. In an era of increasing realization that Big Data and analytics can give contact center managers many valuable insights into operational challenges and opportunities, performance management stands to become the primary enabler of these insights.

Aspect Performance Management is a high-performance contact center management and reporting tool used to collect, correlate and display information relevant to each user’s role and responsibilities, whether they be agent, supervisor or business analyst. This flexible tool can quickly reveal valuable new insights by enabling the tracking of personal and group performance vs. goal using a wide range of metrics with data sourced from many contact center systems. Aspect Performance Management also includes native gamification features such as contests, leaderboards and challenges as well as manual and automated coaching.

Fundamentally, performance management gives contact center decision-makers the ability to align agent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the strategic goals of the company, and then establish a simple way to measure and display these KPIs, so each agent and team knows how they are performing against target and can self-correct or be helped through specific coaching recommended by a supervisor.

Aspect Performance Management in the cloud displays configurable scorecards, dashboards and reports in a web browser with security and access rights that are determined by the specific role of the user. The software also includes administrative tools to configure and manage the data loads, configure user roles and security settings, configure scorecards and reports, manage KPIs and metrics and define and configure coaching. Cloud-based performance management from Aspect is available privately hosted or as Aspect Via® Performance Management, delivered in the Amazon Web Services cloud in conjunction with Aspect Via® Workforce Management.

APM Dashboard

Cloud delivery of performance management comes with a host of advantages including rapid scalability when volume spikes, lowest total cost of ownership and elimination of dependence on scarce IT resources.


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