Workforce Management Software is Essential for Your Millennial Employees

Over the past few years the Millennial generation has overtaken Generation X as the largest working group in the United States, filling a third of all job openings. Having grown up in the Digital Age, this demographic is uniquely qualified to leverage cutting edge technology to an advantage in the business world. With the Generation Z "Zoomers" close behind, be sure that your contact center is aligned with the expectations of a younger workforce in order to attract the most qualified and highly motivated agents.

Millennial and Gen Z employees place high value on work-life balance. In addition, they also expect to be able to utilize modern technology to improve mobility and fulfill their responsibilities remotely, and with as much autonomy, as possible. In order to engage and retain these members of your personnel, you’ll need to find ways to integrate these considerations into your management style.

But addressing the needs of all employees doesn’t have to be an all-consuming task. In fact, the introduction of workforce management software into your business operations can handily address individual working preferences and demands without pulling management away from their own responsibilities.

Call center workforce management software is ideally tailored to optimize work-life balance. Employees can manage their own scheduling, vacation and sick time without having to consult with management. All employees can gain visibility into the scheduling process and coordinate amongst themselves to resolve any conflicts.

As a cloud contact center solution, workforce management software empowers agents to connect to the organization’s user interface from any location just as easily as on-premise employees. As such, WFM software is a powerful tool for satisfying the desire of millennials to fulfill their daily responsibilities from any location.

WFM software also provides agents with analytics that can help them self-evaluate their performance and self-correct any bad habits. Coupled with the availability of analytics, agent coaching and eLearning components of your WFM software can empower agents to autonomously improve their performance without managerial oversight.

Workforce management software is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to retaining highly skilled agents. In fact, there are a wide variety of contact center solutions that can play a pivotal role in your organization’s success. Contact us today to learn more.