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Desktop, Browser-based
Deployment Model
Cloud, Premises, Hosted, Hybrid
Business Usage
Analytics, Customer service
Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America

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- Aspect Unified IP

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synTelate® allows the contact center to fully harness the power of a centralized and uniform platform, ensuring that contact center advisors have the information and guidance they need for every customer interaction. 

Proven to deliver operational efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction through first time resolution, synTelate® is developed by experienced contact center stakeholders who understand the needs of operational and technical contact center staff.

synTelate® offers the following toolkit for your desktop designers:

  • Fast and intuitive drag and drop script and screen design
  • Sophisticated conditional logic and branching to control the advisor call process and aid in compliance and audit needs
  • Advanced integration capabilities to utilize the power of existing systems
  • Easy yet efficient access to external data sources to provide a unified solution
  • Effective email and SMS template design

The resulting synTelate® desktop will realize the following benefits for your contact center staff:

  • Automatic screen pop up of relevant customer information to progress the call and reduce average handling times
  • Improved agent efficiency, with all functions and services performed from a single unified desktop, delivering reduced average handling times and increased first time resolution
  • Accurate data capture and validation to ensure operational compliance, and ability to report and interrogate on activity and dispositions
  • Scripting to ensure compliance with your company and regulatory quality standards and to ensure advisor adherence to process and quality metrics
  • Automatic email and SMS triggered from the script, providing controlled and consistent client communication and ensuring that customer satisfaction is optimised

synTelate® is an advanced scripting tool that will allow you to control the flow of your customer interactions. Scripting will reduce training time while increasing agent confidence and ensure that every customer experience is consistent with the standards set by your contact center. Scripts can be built to ensure that calls meet regulatory standards leading to confidence that all interactions will be compliant within the rules defined by the relevant industry.

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