Connecting with Travelers through the Channels They Use Every Day

Travelers want to engage with businesses through their mobile devices, via SMS, web chat, chat bots and Facebook Messenger. These channels offer new ways for hoteliers to engage with travelers throughout their entire trip — from booking to departure — while allowing customers to determine how they want to interact throughout their journey.

Self-service solutions help hotels just as much as guests by reducing an influx of calls to the concierge and staff. Additionally, these solutions help gather interaction data for a better understanding of guests’ behaviors and preferences leading to better service and increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Engage Guests from the Beginning

Digital is more than just a trend — it is slowly chipping away at the old methods travelers have used in the past to research and book their trips. Mobile self-service solutions enable businesses to offer their customers multiple ways to research, price, and customize their travel through user-friendly online tools and disposable apps. In doing so, consumers will be able to readily access services and support from any channel including SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and email. Once a trip has been booked hotels can be proactive and provide travelers with timely information such as weather alerts, directions, room readiness updates and destination notifications.

Connect with Guests On or Off Property

Mobile self-service solutions are essential when it comes to providing excellent customer service, especially when guests arrive. These solutions enable customers to bypass long lines at the front desk and manage tasks on their own, such as checking-in, ordering room service, contacting the valet and requesting assistance from housekeeping all from the comfort of their room or while they’re on the go.

Keep Guests Engaged Well After Their Stay

Through digital channels hotels can engage with guests throughout their stay and well after their departure giving ample opportunity to reinforce brand awareness, improve satisfaction, and encourage loyalty. For example, post-stay notifications through SMS and email could provide guests with discount codes for their next visit, solicit positive feedback and help them stay up to date on their loyalty points. Digital channels give hoteliers the ability to create the "WOW" factor for their guests that will keep them returning for future visits.