Seamless Patient Interactions

As patients continue to take greater control of the service conversation, healthcare systems and their employees must be equipped to deliver seamless, informed, and empowered patient interactions in every channel and every touch point across the care continuum. A truly seamless patient engagement platform helps you improve patient issue resolution (such as billing/payment disputes), proactively address service needs, boost patient interactions, differentiate the patient experience and increase overall patient experiences.

Turning routine conversations into strong patient connections is about finding better ways to bring patients, providers and information together to improve the patient experience in the face of patient demands for expanded interaction choices. Technology and business process requirements include:

Seamless Scheduling

Healthcare systems use Aspect® Healthcare - Patient Connect to create seamless and consistent patient scheduling interactions. Aspect Healthcare - Patient Connect is a purpose-built, unified environment for multi-site healthcare organizations that creates a single point of contact for patients, enabling them to reach the right office and department for faster resolution of their healthcare issues. Your physicians' schedules are easier to access and populate, creating a more cost-effective delivery model. One hundred percent of patient interactions and data such as insurance information, lab results, appointment notes and pharmacy details are recorded, tracked and reported on in real time. What this means for your patients and their families is that they will no longer be transferred to the wrong person or location by mistake, further frustrating them at an already potentially stressful time. They will be able to gain quicker access to the care they need at a lower cost to your healthcare system. When your patients need medical assistance, they have enough to worry about. Aspect Healthcare - Patient Connect puts them first by creating a better patient experience when they need it most.

Channel of Choice

Today's patients expect the same flexibility with their healthcare provider as they receive from their banks or retailers. They want to  use their smart phones for self-service scheduling to check on their appointments and, if there have been changes to their appointments, be able to hit '0' to switch channels and speak to a scheduling specialist. Once a new appointment is confirmed, a secure email is sent to confirm the new time which they click on a secure link to accept. As the path to better patient service accelerates and takes ever more varied and twisting turns, healthcare systems must expect the unexpected. Aspect® Healthcare provides a consistent cross channel patient experience, giving them more control over their healthcare experience.

Self Service Convenience

Healthcare consumers are evolving and demand flexible interaction capabilities. A pronounced increase in self-service capabilities in healthcare continues to make the self-service experience more fluid and engaging for patients. Aspect Healthcare self-service voice, web, chat and instant messaging offer patients the flexible choices and convenience they demand.

You can give patients anytime, anywhere access to your healthcare system while maximizing resources and reducing costs through technology that selectively automates self-service interactions by:

  • Integrating text-to-speech and speech recognition to gather patient information and match it with back-office systems data to fulfill requests without involving an employee
  • Seamlessly transferring patient information to your staff – from the healthcare system website, voice portal, an online community or other self-service activity points – provides a real-time preview and context prior to the employee-patient interaction
  • Informing patients about web self-service queue status allows them to view estimated wait times for different channels and decide the best contact method