Proactive Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is the key to patient adherence – it's a prerequisite to achieving better patient outcomes. The vast number and complexity of healthcare guidelines makes it nearly impossible to successfully monitor patients' statuses manually. Proactive outreach solves this problem by automating the entire process—leveraging intelligent technology to proactively identify patients who need recommended care and initiate customizable notifications regarding visits, tests, procedures or other follow-up care. Aspect® Healthcare can help you develop proactive engagement strategies that create superior patient experiences.

High Touch Patient Care

Aspect Healthcare provides proactive patient care by using information about patients collected through surveys, interaction quality monitoring, social monitoring, patient histories and other tools and resources to accurately anticipate needs and interests of patients. You can drive the best patient and business outcomes from proactive outreach and care efforts with the ability to:

  • Optimize provider schedules and revenues by reminding patients of upcoming appointments
  • Maximize patient engagement in their own care
  • Enhance the management of chronic and preventative care
  • Strengthen the patient-provider relationship

Knowing where your patients are helps you determine the best contact methods to use for proactive communication and when to use them, so you save time and resources. With government restrictions on contacting patients, including rules requiring consent, it's more important than ever to increase your odds of calling – and connecting with – the right person at the right time.

Complete Interaction Visibility

Aspect® Healthcare - Patient Connect improves your patient interaction experience with your health system by allowing them to speak to a live person each time they call into any of your locations. Employees are empowered with a 360-degree patient view, easily guided through the conversation, and able to enter quick notes within the same patient record that is visible on their screen. If the patient needs to be transferred to another clinician or specialist, easily view who is available before transferring the call without the need to search different directories or lists to find the right person with the right skill set to quickly and efficiently handle the situation. What this means for your patients and their families is that they will no longer be transferred to the wrong person or location by mistake. Your patients need medical assistance and have enough to worry about. Aspect Healthcare - Patient Connect puts them first by creating a better patient experience when they need it most.

Engage Patients Where They Are

Patients are more empowered, connected and vocal than ever before, using social media to express opinions with unprecedented reach and speed. While more than 70% of patient complaints expressed on Twitter go unanswered by health systems, 88 percent of healthcare consumers cite that they will not engage with health systems that ignore these tweets. Aspect® Healthcare - Social Engagement connects with patients where they are – in the social sphere. Designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of the healthcare contact center, it can also easily be utilized by other departments engaged in social patient care, such as the Ombudsman team. Aspect identifies and prioritizes posts, routing them to the appropriate team who can respond within the originating social network. The response teams can easily interact with consistent, embedded knowledge base content as a way to satisfy patients who increasingly seek answers and advice through their social contacts.