Healthcare Technology Partnerships

Transforming the patient experience requires a critical evaluation of not only patient-facing processes, but also the processes and procedures your staff deals with. Aspect's healthcare team includes more than fifty healthcare specialists with professional certification and experience in clinical, healthcare technology and related fields. These professionals can collaborate with you to address specific issues within your organization that are preventing your healthcare system from running smoothly. As a Microsoft go-to partner for healthcare provider solutions, Aspect can help you streamline your processes and create better patient outcomes.

Improving Healthcare One Process at a Time

  • Aspect® Healthcare - Document Lifecycle Accelerator: Aspect Healthcare Document Lifecycle Accelerator (ADLA) addresses four critical needs: secure search, document management, approval processing and document reporting. Internal policy processes will be streamlined to better align employees, business processes, data and technology to improve patient safety and care.
  • CommunityOne for Healthcare: To cater to each resource within a healthcare ecosystem, communities are formed. A community may include a single payer, provider or hospital to one or many healthcare initiatives, departments, or an entire healthcare system. Community One for Healthcare uses customer relationship management technology to improve outreach and community relations, which allows for better coordinated care across departments and organizations.
  • Aspect® Healthcare - Connected Condition Control: Aspect Healthcare Connected Condition Control allows hospital executives to reduce rising costs driven by uncompensated care and hospital readmissions. Hospital staff and patients are able to collaborate together to manage chronic conditions.
  • Aspect® Healthcare - Workflow Accelerator: Aspect Healthcare Workflow Accelerator gives providers a real time analysis of patient throughput highlighting inefficiencies where minutes count such as emergency departments. Appropriate resources can be allocated, thus improving the quality of patient care and generating new value for all.
  • Aspect® Healthcare - KPI Jumpstart: Aspect Healthcare KPI Jumpstart gives executive and administrative leaders the ability to product aggregate metrics across hospital organizations, including financial data, length of stay data, 30 day readmission, mortality rates, physician data and other KPIs