Healthcare Process Management

Process improvement or change management in healthcare assures that the critical systems in your healthcare systems are operating at their optimum. The goals of healthcare process improvement are to enhance the effectiveness of your systems across departments while maximizing profits and ultimately improving the quality of the patient's experience and care. Finding the few critical processes on which to concentrate change management efforts can generate a 20 to 50% improvement in those processes, and significantly impact your patient and employee satisfaction as well as your bottom line. Aspect can help you identify those critical processes that can make a difference not only to your day-to-day operations but also your patient's experience.

Delivering on the Patient Promise

Successful patient encounters don't stop at the doctor's office. Today's patient interactions are more complex and require coordination across the entire healthcare system to ensure that patient expectations are consistently met. Many interactions require the back office to deliver on the patient promise that the healthcare system has made. For example, coordination of appointment schedules, lab work, insurance payment processing, medical prescriptions, and new patient enrollment are all processes that may begin with a simple request from a patient or provider.

This is why Aspect® Healthcare - Advanced Back Office Optimizer provides healthcare systems with a purpose-built solution for not only improving back office productivity but also harmonizing the front and back office processes to achieve better synergies, higher utilization rates across all operational resources, and better patient outcomes. Aspect Healthcare - Advanced Back Office Optimizer helps healthcare systems:

  • Forecast, plan, and schedule the people resources performing back office tasks (or resources who perform a combination of front and back office tasks) in a way that maximizes resource utilization and delivers against set KPIs through Aspect® Healthcare - Workforce Management
  • Distribute and redistribute work items (tasks) based on predicted task outcome and real-time resource availability through Aspect Healthcare - Back Office Optimizer
  • Capture data from and automate individual work processes on a user's desktop through Aspect® Healthcare - Desktop Analytics
  • Gain visibility into process and resource efficiency
  • Automate coaching and performance corrections in line with KPI achievement through Aspect® Healthcare - Performance Management