Healthcare Provider Solutions

Creating Better Outcomes through Omni-Channel and Self-Service Solutions - Aspect Patient Engagement solutions Appointment Assistant and Health Assistant connect providers and patients across every touchpoint throughout the entire patient journey from check-in through care coordination, follow-up and ongoing care.

Natural Language Understanding, or NLU, is the technology behind conversational chatbots (aka Health Bots when used for health care purposes) that make finding answers, staying informed and managing health less stressful for patients and providers alike.

These new technologies address age-old challenges such as efficient and easy scheduling of appointments, reminding patients to take their medication as prescribed or assisting in timely prescriptions refills.

Appointment Reminders

Leveraging SMS, providers can automatically send appointment reminders to patients. With Aspect Patient Engagement Appointment Assistant and Health Assistant, SMS and self-service solutions can be integrated with EHR or CRM platforms, so patients can confirm or cancel their appointment within the same reminder message or notification.

Digital channels can play a key role in helping patients manage their health and stay on track with treatment plans.

Reminders that include pre-appointment instructions such as “fast 12 hours before the appointment” help patients properly prepare, reducing the need to reschedule. Patients can also seamlessly transfer from self-service to a live staff member for urgent or more complicated matters.

Delivering value based care requires a renewed emphasis on ensuring that health information is just as accessible to patients as it is for clinical staff. Integrating omni-channel and self-service solutions with EHR system (e.g., Epic, Cerner and Allscripts) and CRM platforms (MS Dynamics and Salesforce Health Cloud) is essential when it comes to delivering value-based care.

Benefits to keeping patients at the center of all EHR integration efforts include:

  • Enabling patients to take ownership of their health records and actively participate in their care
  • Sharing information through self-service solutions supports better decisions for clinicians and patients alike
  • Keeps patients educated about their health which ultimately reduces readmissions and wasted appointments
  • Streamlines staff workflows through a single user interface, screen pops, etc.

Aspect® OneCare

Aspect OneCare is a complete dynamic digital in-room signage solution to help healthcare providers elevate and innovate their facilities’ technology, and ultimately improve their delivery of care. The patient specific or facility specific information is displayed in real-time to ensure consistent up to date information across the entire provider ecosystem.

Aspect® Comply

Aspect Comply is a document management and storage compliance solution. Empowering organizations to collaborate, revise, and/or create documents with built-in tools to manage compliance. Centralized and easily searchable within a secure web application with role-based rights eliminating email and attachments that lead to control problems and sluggish workflow.

“Collaboration between Aspect and Valley Medical Center has been fantastic. We’re doing work around the patient experience that has never been done before. Aspect partnered with us to deploy the right strategy and the right technology for our organization.”

-Wayne Manuel,
SVP Strategic Services at Valley Medical Center